• Hello, friends!

    I’m back again to share with you a very brief note about how God created you. And me. And everyone.

    Our God is an awesome God, and we have been created IN HIS IMAGE. How crazy and amazing is

  • Been meditating today and yesterday about how we serve a God who knows and loves us! He knows when we sleep and when we rise, our coming and our going..he knows the number of hairs on our head! It is humbling to know the Lord cares for us so <3
  • I have to tell you this idea that we are all made to be creative runs near and dear to my heart. As I work through the new devotional I am praying for you that you truly can stand up and proudly say “I am an artist! I am a creative! I am created to create!” As I worked through this first day I am just so excited to see what you guys get from this…

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    • tinyurl.com/if-created2create

    • I’m pretty sure that this devotional is what so many women are going to need. So many tell me they’re afraid to start journaling because they aren’t artists. I think this will give them so much encouragement. Myself included. ;) <3

    • It’s so funny– ever since this kit was announced, I’ve heard 4 or 5 people say “I’m not an artist, but I’ve just started Bible journaling….” and I wanted to reply, “Of course you are an artist!” I agree with @neely, I think lots of women are going to get so much out of this!

    • oh man,I’ve been using the created to create stamps so much over the last few days, and Gina’s pattern stamps! I need to hide them so my pages don’t all look the same!

  • My sweet friend Morgan Massey sent me a song the other day by Big Daddy Weave, called “My Story.” I absolutely love the song seeing that the Lord has been providing ways for me to share my testimony with other women lately. We all have a story and I encourage those who haven’t to share their story. The Lord has worked so many ways in my life, and…

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