• Arden Ratcliff-Mann posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    We talked about Jesus’ Transfiguration in church this morning, so I painted this stained glass page to illustrate that story in Matthew. As I read through the passage, I found myself drawn to the phrase “his face shone like the sun,” I kept coming back to it. So I decided to draw an abstract sun on this page to illustrate the story.

    When confronted with Jesus’ glorious transformation, Peter wants to build a monument there on the mountain top. But the voice of God himself answers, telling them that no shrines are required– all they have to do is listen to Jesus. At the sound of God’s voice the disciples fall down, terrified. But Jesus tells them to rise and have no fear. So when in doubt, let’s listen for Jesus. Chances are, he’ll tell us we have no reason to fear.

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