• Happy Monday, friends! Get ready to break out your traveler’s notebooks and #allthecolors :) Today I get to share a process video showing how I am using Tamara Arcilla’s beautiful Print & Pray set Journal the

  • As the Director of the Illustrated Faith Print & Pray Shop, I’m constantly trying to come up with fun ways to use our digital products for our faith journeys! It’s SO fun to dream up with new projects where you

  • Hey hey there cuties! We are so excited that it new arrivals week over at DaySpring! And even MORE excited to finally be able to share more about out new bile journaling organizational tote!! It is so stinkin

    • Love love your page!! I do have a question for ya! How do you store tons of stickers? I have that problem hehehe. I would love to see what you do with them. Thanks! <3

  • Hiya friends! Happy Monday! I hope you are doing well. Today I wanted to talk a bit about bible journaling and inspiration. I am often asked “how do you know what you are going to bible journal” or “where do you

    • Any idea why the recent videos aren’t showing up on the YouTube channel? I have tried on my phone and my computer. The most recent one is the flip through from a month ago.

      • HI there :) You should see this one on our YouTube now, and this is the only other video we have done since the flip through – Christmas and our new releases have us a little behind on videos but we should be back up and running soon with more videos! xox IF you are on instagram we have some fun hyperlapse videos you should check out! :)

    • If you are going through a Bible every six months that can get really expensive because you guys are showing on your website that the Bibles are $126 that’s really expensive especially when we know there’s people around the world in desperate need of Bibles sorry that’s something that was on my heart it will be great if you can show women how to use your notebook and do your Bible journaling in that because not everybody can afford that kind of Bible. I’m praying that you don’t lose focus on the heart of each individual

      • @cancholadione Shanna is very much a “use what you have” person! She constantly encourages people that you don’t have to have fancy supplies to Bible Journal! (She also journals for her career, so she has a lot more pages than most people do. So the average person doesn’t change Bibles more than once a year at the most!) You can do journaling in ANY bible, even just a regular Bible. In fact, when I started Bible Journaling, I started in a $7 Bible from the discount store & it was amazing! Our Creative Team is constantly posting inspiration using journals, scrapbook albums, inexpensive Bibles, & old hymnals to Bible Journal!

        I encourage you to go back in the blog archives & read some posts to see how hard we work to include everyone in our community! :) Here are just a few posts I’ve written creating projects in alternative ways:

        Comparing Pineapples & Oranges

        Lord Help Me to Hustle!

        Elaine Davis | Faith Journal Flip Through

    • I LOVE this concept Shanna! How did you cut each heart out with the pages being so super thin? By using a brand new blade and exacto knife? And, did you just free hand cut them or use a graduated heart template? Inquiring minds wants to know, lol. I love that you used inspiration from a child’s book, how clever and it all flowed together so well! Awesome job as always! Thanks for sharing this, wish I had your creative mind and drawing abilities! Blessings always! Sheryl

  • Hi there sweet friend! I wanted to share with you some of my ideas about bible journaling your spiritual gifts. I was reading through the Craving Connection kit  and loved this little bit from the devotional so I

  • Love this! I also LOVE waves, the beach is Heaven on Earth to me. When I am there I think how AMAZING Heaven will be since the beach is my tiny comparison in my finite human brain. Anyway, love those waves and the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is still the Master of our storms!

  • Greetings Beloved Illustrated Faith Family!

    As I prayed about this month’s posts, I asked the Lord to place in my mind what He wanted me to bring to you.

    He has been speaking Psalm 46:10 over my heart all

    • Love this! I also LOVE waves, the beach is Heaven on Earth to me. When I am there I think how AMAZING Heaven will be since the beach is my tiny comparison in my finite human brain. Anyway, love those waves and the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is still the Master of our storms!

    • This is great. I love the message , the colors and the process.

    • Thank you Amy for sharing this! I feel like God keeps telling me over and over to “Be Still”!! I thought years ago I had figured out why, and maybe I did and He is just telling me to do it again, just not sure. Definitely need to get in my bible, dig a little deeper, be in constant prayer, and most importantly, LISTEN! Thank you so much for sharing your heart and this message, it’s definitely for me. I just love how your page turned out, just gorgeous! I’ve got just about all of my supplies and about ready to dive in bible art journaling. I’m so looking forward to how God will use this form of studying and creativity to draw me closer to Him. Have a wonderfully blessed creative day!

      • Sheryl –

        I would so love to see what you create! If you are on Instagram be sure to tag me @designsbyamybruce

        And oh my I so hear your heart. I think the message of “Be Still” can be on repeat for many of us and each time it is with a bit of a different twist. God is always growing our hearts and trust in Him.

        Hugs my friend! and thank you for commenting!


    • I LOVE THESE COLORS!!!! This style is similar to my own. I want to fill my Bible with bright, bold colors!

      • Yep, Bible Journaling sisters! Bright, Bold colors — tag me if you are on Instagram, I would love to see some of your journaling pages sister! Thanks for commenting!

    • I am complete newbie, I happened upon your site when I saw some printed paper stacks on Simon Says. This is very exciting. I must ask, do you put the gesso down, so the paint will not bleed through to the next page? Also in the pictures it looks like the paint is so dark, that you can’t read the scripture, is this so?

  • “Be Brave” my second page in my journaling bible. Much easier than I thought it would be, I just have to have faith!
  • Hey there sweet friends! I wanted to share a little bible flip through as I get ready to move to a new bible!!! This is a great answer to the question “how do I know when it is time for a new bible” or “how

    • Thanks for sharing your beautiful bibles with us. It is super inspiring to see what using your creativity for God looks like! I have been debating starting a new bible that I recently bought or just keep going in my older one. It’s always so difficult to just start…

  • You know when you say a word over and over again it starts to sound, well, not like a word at all? When I was a kid I used to let the word “Mississippi” roll over my tongue dozens of times until the entire

  • Happy New Year Illustrated Faith Family!

    For the past few years, I have prayed and asked the Lord to give me a guide word for the new year, most people call this finding your “one little word®”.   In 2015, my w

    • You do love us so! What a great lesson and a great word! Great year ahead!

    • This is a wonderful blog post. And even though it has become very popular to choose a word to focus on. The class and brand ONE LITTLE WORD is an Ali Edwards product. Please give credit as she has developed and invested herself in this class for more than 5 years.

      • Thank you so much Kim! We have added that as it was an oversight, we love giving credit and linking to amazing resources such as Ali’s thank you for pointing that out!!! xox

    • Kim –

      Forgive me for not linking to Ali Edwards and thank you for making sure she gets credit for her hard work. I appreciate your comment. I would never want to take away from another creative person’s achievements. In His grace, amy

  • Hi there sweet friends!!!! We are back!!! And EXCITED to share some things we have been working on!!!

    This time of year is a time of reflection, goal setting and vision casting! I LOVE IT! I love every bit of

    • Thanks for sharing your goals and being real:) Can’t wait to receive my kit any day now. I am loving the new look, stickers and pouch! Happy 2017!

    • These are great! Praying you have a powerful year in the Word!

    • Thank you so much for sharing this love! I cannot wait to see wait 2017 has in store Illustrated Faith. And I’m super excited to hear you mention more about documenting your faith outside of your Bible. I always wonder if you fill your devotional TN and what it would look like and what your planner looks like.

      Thank your for continuing to inspire me artistically and for your help in revitalizing and strengthening my bond with God.



    • Enjoyed reading these goals & plans for 2017. I taught a lot of illustrated Bible journaling workshops in 2016 & also found myself focusing on the product on occasion as I created. I’m taking a break and enjoying just journaling in my Bible whenever and however I’m inspired right now. I love spending time with the Lord this way and am looking forward to a year of drawing closer to Him!

    • Thank you for sharing this! You share SO generously of yourself, including what God shows you! It’s probably not easy to always be open with such a fast-growing community, but your authenticity and graciousness are such a blessing to us! THANK You! I keep counting backwards the days from last Thursday to figure out when my kits will be here! hooray!!! :)

      Grateful for you!
      Angie B. in Kansas (COME BACK!!) :)

  • Hi girls I need some of your experience…I intend to leave some blank space in my “inspire psalm” book for biblejournaling the psalm twice…Some of you have already done this? Is this a good idea?


    It’s time to wrap up the Worth the Wait series with what I believe to be one of the most beautiful stories and most impactful women in the Bible: Mary, the mother of Jesus. How many times do we hear her

  • One of my favorite things to do with white alphabet stickers is to add my own mixed media flair to them and create totally new and unique alphabet stickers. In the past I’ve shown how I use Faber Castell markers

  • Holy WOW! Week 3 of December in the books! In case you missed them in the newsletters, here’s a round up of the 25 Days of Christmas freebies & download links from this week!:D

    Download Day 11 HE

  • Hi there, I know this is a weird topic coming from me but the truth is this post has been on my heart for a little over a year now,  I wanted too speak about it from a point of reflection and prayer not just from

    • I GET IT! I need it. I crave it. It has 100% changed my walk with God. I’m the kind of person that never sticks with anything. I change my interests as fast as I change my moods. This past year I’ve started learning the drums and Spanish and several other projects that only lasted a few weeks. My husband laughs and rolls his eyes and says, “Oh is this the new kick your on?” But Bible Journaling. ❤️ I’ve been doing it over 2 years now. It’s something my husbands appreciates and encourages. He even told me to buy the expensive leather wrapped Bible because he said, “it’s a legacy you’re leaving behind. It’s worth your time and money.” And for the first time ever I am about to complete a New Year’s Resolution: to read through the Bible in a year. This. This is not a trend. This is a life-changing, deeply-engrained-in-my-Spiritual-Walk movement you’ve started. And for that, I am forever grateful.

    • Your rocking it Hunny! GOD has opened your eyes and is using your amazing gifts for his glory! What you do to empower people to get in the word is special and I’m proud of you and all you do! Keep looking to HIM for strength and know I am here for you always and forever! Love you 2 the moon & back! Xoxo

    • People have told me similar things about SCRaPBOoKiNG but I know it’s not a trend…my grandfather scrapbook Ed in a different way when he was younger, before it was popular. And I would say the same for bible Journaling. Many people have always done it, it just evolves and changes and always stays interesting, fun and impacting this way! I feel like bible Journaling has combines 2 of my favorite things to do with the illustrated faith line. Now I can scrapbook while reading my Bible and the words sink in so much more as I create as I reflect. I think it will stay, but like everything it will get even better (which is hard to believe that it could 😄).

    • It isn’t a trend for me. I mean, I rarely opened my bible too. Not only did I rarely open it, but nothing really spoke to me until I saw these beautifully colored bibles. It sparked my interest. And just like Christy, I too am about to complete my first ever New Years resolution. I journaled every day this year. I am still trying to find ways into my first bible because I don’t want to stop. My friend, who is not a believer asked me a question earlier this year. Before, I would have been caught as a pretender. My Luke-warm feelings would have been shown. But because of this “trend” I didn’t only know how to answer her question, I flipped right to the passage and remembered the verse. Before I would have said “Well, I THINK it says SOMEWHERE in here something ALONG THE LINES OF ….” But instead, I said “well in Romans 5, it says…. ” I knew. I knew the answers to her questions. But God. Wow God. Awesome God. He lead me straight to the answer. I knew where to find it. This is not a trend for me. I get it. Completely. And it’s super awesome. I am forever grateful towards you for taking your calling and sharing it. You’ve helped me to connect with the Lord in a bright and fun way. I am eternally grateful. You are doing big things for the kingdom, Shanna. Thank you. 💜

    • This was so encouraging. Thanks for sharing this. I can’t wait to talk with my pastor’s wife about my bible art journaling journey this year and hopefully we can start a group in the new year.

    • “I don’t think you understand – bible journaling is how I read and understand my bible!”
      This is so true! It really IS how I read and understand my bible. Bible journaling has totally changed the way I WANT to study God’s Word, and the act of studying HIs Word, so both! It could be a trend, but maybe not for many. Because of Illustrated Faith introducing us to the world of bible journaling, it won’t be a moment for me because now that a creative outlet has awoken, (is that a word?), for me, it IS how I now study my bible for the last year and a half. Bible journaling helps me to slow down and really ponder a section that I’m working on, and then it sinks in.
      So THANK YOU! Be encouraged!

    • Bible Journaling has allowed me to make so many new connections…better understanding in connecting Old and New Testaments, better connecting to books and verse memorizing, and most importantly better connecting to my family through group studies. My family has been holding weekly Skype sessions through almost a dozen Bible studies. Those studies drive our Bible Journaling and we share our work with each other. It is not a trend for us at all!

    • Although it is not a just a trend to me . . I read my bible and try my best to live the word but I have seen some jump on the bandwagon and I have seen then fall off. I think it is because so many are doing it these they day they want to fit it in to their lives but It really does not work if they do not willing to read the word, live the word and try to understand the word.

    • I have always connected and read my bible since I was discipled and poured into by my Pastor, but I started to disconnect when things turned into a more systematic approach. I never related to a sterile reading of His word. I think a lot of us are taught, you wake up you have your time with God with prayer and reading passages and/or devotional and dwell on it throughout the day, done. And I would do that but i felt something missing. Until I saw the colorful pages in Pinterest. At first I was hesitant and didn’t know how I felt about “arting” in my bible. And I don’t do trends, it’s not who I am. So I prayed about it for a few months and God let me loose and I went for it. I bought a bible and some supplies and was hooked immediately. My messy creative mind that was rendered useless in my Christian circle awakened. I never thought my art skills had any kingdom worth, I mean I had work to do. Seek and save the lost, where did art play into that? But what I figured out in this journey, was the missing link. I was trying to replicate someone else’s story and devaluing my gifts. I was taking someone else’s account on the “how” to seek and save the lost and not realizing there was a different more personal way to do it. So 1.25 years into journaling in this way I have found that missing link. I have accepted my creative nature and the role it can have in His greater plan. So for me it is no “trend or fad” it is a lifestyle that has touched me to the very core and helped me find my deeper identity in Christ. Thank you sweet sister for example and bravery in this journey. Much love IG: Goosekeeperdesigns

    • Not a trend! I’ve been bible journaling steadily for almost three years and it has looked different in different seasons. My first bible that i journaled through is super thick and has tons of tip ins and paint and clippies and lots and lots of “layouts” with “extras”. The one I’m currently in has color and my reflections all contained within the pages..;lots of print and paste resources, too, that i print as stickers! If this is a way that so many of us connect with God and His Word, it is not a fad even if we use certain products/resources only for a time! Thank you for all you do and how you encourage us!

    • I’m with you Shanna. I have put more miles in my bible this past year than in the past 20. It seems to come alive when I can doodle/color/journal my notes. And anyone that tried this form of worship and moved away from it, I don’t believe it was completely lost on them but rather that it wasn’t how they need to worship. I am so thankful for you and your teams for each new devotional and print work. Thank you.

  • Greetings Illustrated Faith Family!

    Oh what a lovely gift it is to come to you with two Advent posts so close together!

    Day 15 in the Illustrated Faith Tis the Season devotional does not disappoint.  I was

  • It’s been awhile since I’ve worked in my worship music art journal and a couple weeks ago we sang Chris Tomlin’s version of Joy to the World (Unspeakable Joy). Every year I just love the added lyrics to the song

  • December has arrived and Advent is settling over us like snow. I love this time of year with the expectancy and excitement of counting down until Christmas. When I started the Worth the Wait series, I knew I

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