• December 25th comes and it goes marvelously quickly, doesn’t it? We spend weeks (maybe months) planning parties, wrapping gifts, detangling twinkle lights, and then in a matter of twenty-four hours… poof! It is

    • Wow Bailey! What a great post! Touches my heart. It’s so easy to get all caught up in the holidays and at the same time be glad they’re over because of all the busyness of it all, but now I see it in a different light. Thank you for sharing! Miss you!

  • Never are we more wide-eyed in wonder than in the Christmas season. There are twinkly lights lining houses, Santa’s chuckling while holding small children at the mall, flashy displays in shop windows, blinding

  • Anyone else stuffed to the brim with good food and fun memories from Thanksgiving yesterday? I know I am! And I’m so excited to finish out the month of Gratitude Documented even after the holiday has come to an

  • We have so much to be thankful for, amen?! What I love about Gratitude Documented is that it encourages us to find things to be thankful for in our daily lives that we may have overlooked or have begun to take

  • Is anyone else loving the “Worship with Illustrated Faith” playlist that was shared last week? I love finding out about new music or powerful songs from friends in this community, so I’m trilled that IF is making

  • Oooh, y’all. This one. I’m always playing music, and I love finding new songs, but this one literally stopped me in my tracks last week. I was working in my classroom, humming along to some familiar tunes, putting

    • This messge really touched me! As it is SOOOOO easy to get caught up in the “Why?” of life, it is so important to remember to always look to God and be thankful for not only our blessings, but also our trials. This lesson has been SCREAMING in my brian for months now! Your thoughts on Words of Worship, Even If… takes this to the next level. As we pray about lifes diasters, trails, pain, etc. We often get discouraged because we do not hear the answer we want from God. Sometimes the answer simply is that there isn’t an earthly answer. Ultimately, the only answer to everything is complete faith that God is working everything out for HIS ultimate glory. Our human doubt clouds that blessing sometimes. It is important to remember that there is also a blessing in God’s answer of “Not now or No.” Thank you for the reminder :-)

  • Here’s a question for you, friends: on a road trip, do you use a GPS, paper map, both, or neither? I’m a GPS lover tried and true, and not just on road trips. I’ve lived in my current city for a little over a year

  • I don’t know that I know when I first heard the word “freedom”. I’m not even sure I could tell you when I knew what it meant. But somewhere along the way, “freedom” became familiar. It was turned into a banner of

  • When I was in college, one of my mentors and her husband began building their dream home out on a piece of property just a few minutes away from the university, and they invited our student group to visit. But

  • Over the years a string of movies have been made with the word ‘brave’ in the title. Braveheart, The Brave Little Toaster, Home of the Brave, and more. But do you remember the animated movie Brave? A young woman

  • Music is a constant in my life. It plays in my kitchen, bathroom, living room, car, classroom, and through my headphones on walks, travels, and everything in between. I make fall playlists and Christmas lists,

  • Worth the Wait was a series I wrote here on the blog, around two posts a month on the topic since November. This is the first in a new series called “Words of Worship” you’ll find here a few times a month, too.

  • Hello, hello, friends! I am so excited to start this new series today! We wrapped up Worth the Wait in June, and I knew almost immediately where I wanted us to go next. Today we are jumping into Words of Worship,

    • This is gorgeous!!

    • This really is just so beautiful! I’m wondering, and have been trying to find the answer for so long, was “worth the wait” and the new “words of worship” a series within Illustrated Faith? I’m interested in any information you can provide.
      Thank you in advance. I look forward to seeing more posts in this new series!

      • Worth the Wait was a series I wrote here on the blog, around two posts a month on the topic since November. This is the first in a new series called “Words of Worship” you’ll find here a few times a month, too.

        • Thank you Bailey! I guess the answer was right in front of me the whole time! How silly of me. 😁
          I’m excited for your upcoming posts. I have so enjoyed everything you write and seeing your lovely journaling pages.
          I appreciate you clarifying things for me. Mystery solved!

  • For the final entry in the Worth the Wait series, we are landing somewhere I think the Lord always knew we were headed. I don’t know what you are in the wait for or what you have been praying for, but the waiting

    • It is awesome to see this truth being taught. You hear all the time that God is taking care of things, he will work it out don’t worry it will be ok. Although I agree with all that it really is kind of misleading to baby Christians and when things are not ok they are in disbelief and give up on God. I prayed for my son for over a year about him going down the wrong path in life and asked God to do what ever He needed to get him back on track. I remember so clearly the day that God asked me whatever and I said yes, whatever and then just as clear as day again He said even if that means bringing him home. oh no I said, but after awhile He gave me the faith to trust Him, still in the back of my mind I believed He was just going to change my sons heart to turn back to the right path. I was wrong – He took him home. I never lost my faith and really never even got angry and still trust God today. You are so right, when we trust Him, His peace brings us through the worse of answers. God is in control and work out the best for those who love Him – my son was saved and is now living with Jesus. Still have a hard time with praising Him for that, but I can praise Him for all He did in the midst of the worse time in my life..

  • “My daughter, wait until you learn how the matter turns out…” In Ruth, we find one of my favorite women of the Bible whose story has a dozen different lessons we could walk away with. Recently I was struck by R

  • I think more often than not when we are waiting, we are waiting to know.

    We want to know when something will happen or to know when we will meet someone.

    We want to know the outcome of a situation or to know

    • I needed to hear this today!! I really struggle with waiting and not knowing and I’d never thought about it like this! I may not know how things are going to turn out, but God does- and if I can trust anyone with the knowing it’s Him!! Thanks for giving me a new perspective xx

  • I’m a countdown-er. Yes, that is officially a word now because, well, I am one. I love watching the numbers disappear, growing smaller and smaller until Christmas, a birthday, or some fun trip arrives. I’ve got a

  • In waiting seasons it can be easy to become discouraged and to forget the goodness of God. We get so wrapped up in our timelines and the list of prayers unanswered that we can lose sight of the truth about who God

  • Waiting tends to be a heart season where hope can waver. We can get so caught up in looking off to the distance that we miss what is right in front of us, discounting blessings sent specifically to us by the Lord

  • Anyone else love the fair? Every year our state fair rolls into town and thousands of people flock to the gates. Little children stand wide eyed in awe of all the sights and sounds, and adults make lists of the

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