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    Almost everyone includes a game that they enjoy playing. Before video gaming, many people played games like Monopoly or Life. Beginning with the development of arcade video games in the 1970’s, there were unbelievable improvements, including huge advances with the flight simulator game.

    Early flight simulation was used for military purposes and didn’t become popular with the general public until the 1970s when programs like Airfight were developed as an educational flight simulator game. You were able to choose a military jet packed with fuel and weapons and shoot down other player’s aircraft.

    Soon arcade games became popular such as Pong and Pac Man, however they were rather inferior to the games of today, as were the flight simulation games. At the time, though, they seemed highly advanced plus they created the baseline for future games.

    Finally, in the first 1980’s, video game consoles started to gain popularity and games like Donkey Kong and Zelda were big hits. Other games were created that ushered in the modern style of 3D graphics, but most visual effects still looked pretty 2D and movement was not very natural.

    The games consoles were soon followed by gaming computers with sounds cards. Game controllers and joysticks began to be sold with the systems to permit for more realistic action. As computer graphics continued to boost, the flight simulator game manufacturers could actually replicate the detailing of both the inside and outside of the various planes that were available.

    Soon there were developments in the capability to give a distant focus point for the pilot of the flight simulator game. With the use of a curved mirror and wide angle display equipment, a distant center point representing the horizon made the view a lot more life like.

    One issue that has been resolved soon after was the truth that most computers didn’t have enough memory to permit the movement of objects to flow smoothly. The improvements in graphics forced computer companies to find a way to raise the computing power. The increase of band width provided by internet providers helped in order to avoid the jerky motion with video delivery.

    As video gaming is becoming progressively more popular, controllers have been added to give more realism. Joysticks, yokes and rudder pedals offered a whole new challenge to the flight simulator game, but it also made it much more enjoyable. The good thing is that you could still just use your computer keyboard to play a casino game too, if you can’t afford to get other controllers.

    Nano Fighter Anti Disease on Steam is a flight action game. Controlling a nanoscale fighter, flies over the acid sea associated with digestive system, passes through the scarred inflammatory lesions, launch a new fierce attack towards numerous pathogens with medicine ammos and biological missiles.

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