• I’m trying to print my “print & pray” Bible verse & cannot get it to go into my cart so that I can check out & print. The previous time I did this, I never had success either. Please direct. Ty, Julie

    (P.S. my official name is “Juliea” pronounced like “Juliet” with 3 syllables. But everyone calls me “Julie”).

  • Juliea posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    New to bible journaling. I am extremely happy. Just got my bible & opened it yesterday & spent a little tiny bit of time highlighting text. Any advise for beginners?

    • Just remember it is about time spent with God. Worshiping Him, speaking with Him, learning more in His Word and cultivating your relationship with Jesus. I often get caught up and discouraged if I am making the art my focus instead of making it secondary. If it isn’t growing your faith in Christ then step back, meditate with Him alone and come…[Read more]