• Juliea posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    New to bible journaling. I am extremely happy. Just got my bible & opened it yesterday & spent a little tiny bit of time highlighting text. Any advise for beginners?

    • Just remember it is about time spent with God. Worshiping Him, speaking with Him, learning more in His Word and cultivating your relationship with Jesus. I often get caught up and discouraged if I am making the art my focus instead of making it secondary. If it isn’t growing your faith in Christ then step back, meditate with Him alone and come back to the art part of journaling. I do that more than journaling within my initial time with Him during the day. I am still spending time with Him when I do the art worship but it is often separate time for me. I am sure others do it differently. There are wonderful, encouraging blog posts and message boards as well as great devos you can do to get you started in your journey. Blessings and welcome to journaling!

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