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    Red caviar from all over the world is synonymous with luxury. Practically no party and banquets can do without this delicacy. In the West, red caviar is often called "Russian", and the Japanese also gave salmon a second name in the Russian style – ikura. Although most Russians have caviar on the tables it appeared much later than is commonly believed. And many still believe that the only advantage of fish caviar is a delicious flavor. In fact, this is one of the most useful products.

    Caviar – these are eggs that lay fish, crustaceans, amphibians. For gastronomic purposes, product types 3 are used:• sturgeon (black): its extraction is prohibited in Russia;• salmon (red);• piece (pike, shredded, lucioperca, etc.).In addition, in the 1960s-ies of the Soviet Union created the first imitation of natural caviar – a protein product that looks like a delicacy, and taste – jelly with a flavor of margarine and fish. Today, artificial caviar uses gelatin, algae extract and certain types of fish.Variety of red caviarEven a person who knows nothing about fish, but loves red caviar, noted: the product may look different from different manufacturers (they differ in color, egg diameter) and a little taste. All of them are slightly different from each other, but most importantly, their useful properties are the same. And the choice of a certain type of product – just a matter of taste.

    red caviar

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