• Shanna Noel posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    This right here is what I love about my #illustratedfaithjourney – I would have never in a million years read the “New Testament introduction” before this – I honestly didn’t care to dig deeper into how this book came to be – who wrote it and the history behind it. Now I’m hungry for it! The only thing I can compare it to (and I know this is silly – is how my teenager #fangirls all over her favorite authors and needs to know all about them and the meaning behind what they write) I’m so thankful for this new found hunger and hope it just causes me to continue to dig deeper. Printable from the #printprayshop available on illustratedfaith.com #illustratedfaith #printandpray #jesusfangirl #bible #amen #biblejournaling #dayspring #bellablue #faith #newtestament

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