• #if_blessingsorlessons day 4 teachers & coaches.
    When I think back on my youth I vividly remember my school secretary. She was so encouraging, she always made time to listen to me. She was’t a teacher but she taught me about life. And when I went to high school she lived across the street. We had many late night conversations over tea. She was…

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    • So true! Thank you for that reminder. I work in a middle school… KIDS that age need someone to uplift them no matter what attitude they come with every single day! Their life is truly a struggle they just need someone to encourage them:)

  • #if_blessingsorlessons Day 3
    Raising children in a post-modern society is hard! As a mom of 4 I’m constantly looking for teachable moments. Times to share the word and the example of Jesus it tells us about. Prov 22:6 encouraged us that those teaching moment are eternal. Even when our babes are adults they will remember the lessons learned in…

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  • Used an if verse prompt in my journaling hymnal.
  • I use a moleskine for my praise book. I usually create mixed media art with worship lyrics in my praise book. I love music and visual arts. My praise book is where they work together to worship Christ.

  • Where can I get this now? I would like to have this for our event.