• Vicki Drechsler posted an update 3 years, 1 month ago

    all this new bible journaling has gotten me puzzled. I don’t like doing art in my bible and so bought a journal bible but still have been hesitant to really dive into it. I’m used to old fashioned bible studies in groups and frankly have been out of the church for the past year. I have gone all my life and brought my 2 kids up in the church but spouse has hardly ever gone. am now an empty nester and usually work all day so don’t have much time but I do admit I spend entirely too much time in front of the TV. I’m a crafter at heart and love to scrap book and have spent way too much money in that.

    • Sweet Vicki, how lovely for you to reach out! I am a “church-girl” too and growing up in the church I did makes me glad that my parents taught me about God’s grace and not just “all the rules”. As an adult I have formed my relationship with God in so many different ways but thankfully the longer I really know what He asks of me (all believers, really) the more I see how strong His gift of grace truly is. Even with my original foundation of grace taught to me by my parents the church environment (denomination) I grew up in stressed the rules. It has taken years for me to realize that He loves us FIRST not after we “clean up our own messes and start following the rules”. Jesus tells us that He came, not for the healthy hearts but for the broken, and He knows that we are all broken [Matthew 9.11-13]. It is for us to realize that brokenness when we can begin to understand His love and grace so fully. Remember, it was the Pharisees who liked to “follow the rules” and were always challenging Jesus’ about spending time with “sinners”. All of us have sinned and fallen short of His glory but it is by His grace we have redemption (Romans 3.23 & 24, also read 1 Timothy 1.15 & 16)
      I guess this is quite a long reply but I wanted to encourage you. Begin by reading your Bible and not only reading it but really dig into it. Read a few verses or even meditate on one or two that may come to mind. Like I tell my boys, a relationship with Jesus means you are able to spend time with the Creator of the universe and He WANTS to spend time with you! He wants to love you and meet you where you are. If you decide to Bible journal at some point in your Bible, that’s great! Just don’t feel like you should or shouldn’t. It’s ALL about you spending time with our mighty, awesome God. He created us to love us and He only asks us to accept His love and love Him back. Jesus tells us in Matthew 22, to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. We are then to love others as we love ourselves and after that we are to worry about His law. That’s the order God gave us, man hijacked it by making the rules come first…
      I pray you are blessed and that you really allow God to speak to you.

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