I can only speak for me personally but when I use a journaling bible I am able to understand and relate to the word in a way that I have never been able to before. Allowing myself to take what God is teaching me and relate it directly to a verse that is speaking to me is making me fall in love with my bible all over again. Now when I am at a conference or on a quiet Sunday afternoon while the kids are sleeping there is no other place I would rather be than reflecting in my bible, and before using a journaling bible in this way that would have never happened. As a creative person I often found it a struggle to have a passion for my bible in a way that so many around me seemed to experience. Bringing the words to life through color and illustration is such a gift to my personal walk with God.

Honestly, we know this isn’t for everyone. We GET that this is for visual learners or those that experience worship through living color! If you are wanting to get started I would start with a journaling bible and keep in mind that this is for journaling (most keep a separate study bible) a place to document what God is doing in your life today! Also keep in mind, you set the rules if you are comfortable keeping it in the margins go for it, if you are more comfortable adding paint and highlighting the text with color, I say YES! Remember this is about the process of documenting the whispers God is putting on your heart and not about the product! All that aside if you have decided that you would rather not use a journaling bible in this way that is totally ok you can take this same process and document your faith in your journals, planners, notebooks etc! There are no limits in how we can worship God!!

Honestly all you really need to get started is your journaling bible (or art journal if you have decided to do this outside your bible) and your favorite pen. Yes, that is it, this is simple. Please don’t let the long list of things you WANT to get some day to hold you back from getting started today.

basic set of supplies for me would include your favorite alphabet stamp set, staz-on ink pad (it is important to think about what kind of ink you are using to make sure to minimize the bleed through.) a handful of flat small to medium alphabet stickers, your favorite watercolor set and a handful of tabs. This list of supplies would allow you to journal for days! I encourage you to keep it simple at first and see what you use most or what you find yourself wanting to use. It is easy to get caught up in what everyone else is using and feel like you “need” to have it all, but we are all different artists and so it is important to see what you are personally grabbing for in the process.

Pray! I know that seems like a simple answer but it is so true. This journaling bible is all about taking what God is teaching you in your life and illustrating it. For me personally I started off simply putting the notes from the Sunday sermons into my bible in a creative way. From there I also listen to podcasts from other churches (some of my favorite are from saddleback church and the well from Boulder CO.). Also we will be providing devotional that we will be following as a community and sharing different ideas on how to implement these ideas into your bible.

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