A Field Guide To Joy Devotional


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This Advent season, you are invited to delve into one of God’s greatest stories and experience for yourself how God uses each character of Christmas to bring His story to life and show how His joy rules the day. For the 25 days leading up to Christmas, we will study 12 of the characters of Christmas and learn different aspects and hallmarks of joy. God calls us to rejoice always, yet joy doesn’t look the same for each person, or even in each season. There are many facets to joy. May the Christmas story refresh your joy as you remember it is one of prayers answered and miracles witnessed, quiet faith and blazing glory, simple obedience and bold faithfulness, promises fulfilled and hope restored. It’s an old story and a new story. This book is a wonderful way to make the story of Christmas come alive in a new way. There are so many ways you can make it your own! Be sure to check out the coordinating digital Field Guide to Joy cards, ephemera and papers as well.

written and illustrated by Brianna Showalter

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