Called to Create : the papers (digital)



Do you hear it? The imprint on your soul, the stamp on your heart, that little part of you, calling you to create. Don’t ignore it, even if it’s different than the calling of others around you. You’re receiving an invitation, from the King of the universe, no less. He’s asking you to share yourself, your life, what you’ve learned and what you’re going through now. But maybe, like me, you don’t feel the calling to share from a stage or from a best-selling book, or even in online avenues. And you know what? That’s not by accident! God didn’t make a mistake when He made you the way you are. He’s calling you to create, to make visual your journey here on earth. He’s calling you to make beauty, using your hands, your heart and a huge variety of art supplies. He’s calling you, to show, to make visible, intangible things, like the kingdom of heaven, the love of Jesus, abundance and gratitude, lightness and hope, and above all, love. 
Sometimes creating from a stark white piece of paper is difficult. So here’s a huge collection of vintage papers, snippets of art in progress, paint splotches and various bits and bobs to get you on your way. The first marks have already been made, now go ahead and make yours! So make a book, write a list, paint a picture, draw a pattern… the sky is the limit.
Set includes:
  • (33)  8.5×11 PDF files of patterned papers
  • Digital Product Available For Immediate Download
  • Perfect for Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling
  • For Personal Use Only


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