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Earlier this summer, our family went on an adventure in Europe, spending weeks drinking in beautiful vistas and historical buildings. Many ancient churches are open to the public, and you can wander in. Once inside, you are instantly enveloped in a pocket of calm and beauty, with a heavy sense of the presence of God throughout history in each stone and stained glass window. We kept finding ourselves singing the Doxology under our breath as we wandered, necks craned, taking in the wonderful high naves and ornate carvings. We would laugh, as this was often the same response when walking in a lavender field, looking out to sea, or taking in beautiful hilltop views. It’s a reflex to praise God! Praising God for His glory that surrounds us is part of our relationship with Him. 

The word “doxology” is a Greek word that is made up of the word doxa, which means honor or glory, and logia, which means language or speak. So doxology means “glory speak.” Isn’t that beautiful? Our God is indeed the one from whom all genuine blessings flow. He delights to give, to overflow with joy, to bless His creatures and share His own happiness with us. He is the giver of “every good gift and every perfect gift” (James 1:17). 

Throughout Scripture, we encounter stories of those who have experienced the greatness of God. They sing out praises to Him. Speaking or singing the words of a doxology is copying what they did. The people who lived and worshiped in the early church felt the importance of giving praise where it is deserved.

In August, we marvel.

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