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One of my favorite things to do with a friend is to go for walks. We joke that we can wander for an hour and solve all the world’s problems. These walks become such precious building blocks in our relationship. The formula is simple really: put on shoes and head out together, facing the same way, wandering towards our destination. Though that destination isn’t the important bit, it’s what happens along the way. 
Often, “wander” is used as a verb that means we’re heading away from God. Let’s claim the leisurely stroll as something we do together with the Lord. Wandering is resting in God’s plan. Wandering is exploring. Wandering is celebrating the process rather than racing to a destination. Wandering is taking notice of what is around us, and Who we walk beside.
Our relationship with Yahweh benefits hugely from walking together; wandering through life together, facing the same direction, talking through both the good and the bad, and taking notice of what’s around us. Part of the fun of a good wander is exploring, and coming upon surprises around a bend in the path. You never know what you might find while wandering: early blooming flowers, a glorious sky, or a unique stone or shell.
In April, we wander.
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