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“Imagine if we stood at some of the important moments in history, such as the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and the moments in-between. As I read through John for this devotional, I was drawn to Mary Magdalene and the journey she went on during this period of time. In the past, when I have thought about Easter, I have often thought about what it must have been like from Jesus’ perspective. So, to remove myself from that and try to imagine it from someone like Mary’s point of view was very powerful. I can relate to Mary in so many ways. She is a woman, she is a witness, she is passionate about what she believes in, she is redeemed, and she is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. In this study, I encourage you to put yourselves in Mary’s shoes, imagine where she was standing, how she must have felt, and the journey she was embarking on. I also encourage you to take it a “step” further and make a connection to your journey.” -Shanna Noel
***Please check your files as this set was provided for free to those who purchased the physical From Where I Stand kit.



  • (3) 8.5 x 11″ PDF files of cut-apart ephemera


  • Digital Product Available For Immediate Download
  • Perfect for Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling
  • For Personal Use Only



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