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Hiya friend! When you read the title of this devotional, what automatically comes to mind? What does it mean for you to live a fruit-filled life? Living a fruitful life isn’t just about checking off the boxes of the fruit of the spirit or working from a place of our own strength to see the fruit. No, I’m talking about the kind of life that is marked by deep joy, genuine love, and lasting impact. A life that is fueled by the Holy Spirit and rooted in God’s goodness. A place where we look to the Holy Spirit with a specific desire to live into the fruits with guidance and love. In the pages ahead, we will talk about the heart of what it means to purposefully seek a fruitful life, take the fruits one by one to the Holy Spirit, and ask for guidance in applying them to our everyday lives. One thing to keep in mind as we work together to dissect the fruit of the spirit is that although each attribute is distinct, the Scripture refers to them as a singular “fruit.” These attributes come together in our life to reflect a complete picture of the character of Christ. So while I think there is great value at looking at each attribute, in the big picture, we want to be mindful of all of them! There is a timeless joke about being careful when you ask God for patience. I think we can apply that here and honestly be excited to look for opportunities to practice each of these beautiful gifts (even patience!), and be prepared to be challenged in the best possible way. Open your heart to the opportunities to discover the abundant life that waits for you when you choose to live a fruit-filled life led by the Holy Spirit. 

Prayer – Father, as we think about walking in a season of fruitfulness, we are reminded of the beautiful qualities that Your Spirit produces within us – love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We cannot walk this journey alone. We need You, Holy Spirit, to guide us. Help us to surrender our own desires, agendas, and ideas of what this time will look like. Give us a heart receptive to Your leading. May we approach each fruit of the spirit with humility and openness, seeking Your wisdom and guidance in applying them to our everyday lives.

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