LaQuisha’s 5 Point Journaling 4×6 Stamp


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  • 4×6 Photopolymer date stamp designed by LaQuisha Hall


  • Since 2016, LaQuisha has practiced the same journaling strategy to reflect upon her faith and
    fond daily moments. After introducing this strategy to a group of art friends on Zoom, known as
    Confident Canvas Zoom (CCZ) Queens, affectionately named this technique “5-Point
    Journaling”. LaQuisha has taught this journaling style locally and abroad as it has supported
    many who did not know where to start with their journaling, many who became consistent
    journalers. May this stamp set be the catalyst to your own encouraging daily documenting
    Scripture: Write or copy faith/spiritual-based text. For example, I often use the Bible app to
    copy the verse of the day. Feeding our soul with positive words daily contributes to our spiritual
    Affirmation: Write a positive statement about yourself that will help you to challenge and
    overcome self-sabotaging and negative thoughts.
    Quote: Copy a quote that inspires you. I have Googled quotes by people who inspire me or I
    save them on my phone to copy later as I come across them on social media, in books, etc.
    Remembering the encouraging words of inspirational figures is uplifting.
    Gratitude: Identify what you are grateful for, specific to the day you are journaling. List at least
    3-5 or as many as you can. Try to avoid clichés gratitude lists (yes, we are grateful for food,
    shelter and family… but maybe on this day you heard the birds chirp outside your window and
    that brightened your day. Be thankful for the birds too).
    Pondering: Write about something positive that happened in your day. It is essential to focus
    on the good as we are journaling to maintain or increase our confidence—this is not a space to
    rehash negative situations.




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