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This is a creative book filled with prompts and lots of journaling space to document your beautiful faith journey! I started making this journal with teens in mind (which it would make SUCH a perfect gift for your teen/pre-teen girls) but as I worked on it I realized how excited I was to work on it and to SHARE it with you!!! There is a fun balance of prompts and choose your own adventure space and honestly, I just can’t wait to see what you do with your book!

As we got ready to launch this book I realized how perfect it would be to document some of 2020 in the new year! I oftentimes find that documenting such an important topic is best done as close to the event as possible. So we are going to take the first 31 days of the year (in Jan) and work through some prompts on how we saw Jesus work on our lives and those around us in 2020! I know it was a hard year but wasn’t it amazing to see how God used that time? Of course, you can use your journal however you would like but if you would like to join us see the info below!




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