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Bible journaling is such a powerful tool to share with your kids! We wanted to bring you tools to share the meaningful stories in the word in a way your kids would understand!
Print out the devotionals, cut out the cuties and start learning together!
Jess Robyn is the author and illustrator behind this adorable set – exploring the story of Esther and we know you will love it!
Files Include
(2) 8.5×11 Devotional PDFS
(2) 8.5×11 PDF Coloring Pages
(2). 8.5×11 Cut and Paste PDFs
(1) 8.5×11 Bookmark PDFs
Digital Product Available For Immediate Download
Perfect for Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling
For Personal Use Only

2 reviews for Print & Pray Kids Club | Esther

  1. Terry Hamilton

    I don’t like to come across as negative as I love all the Illustrated Faith Bible Journaling products. But…it is necessary to include make-up products that tell little girls that they are not beautiful naturally? I will not be buying this product as that is NOT the kind of image I want to give the girls in my church family. Thank you for understanding that this is my opinion and not meant as a bash of your beautiful products. Just a question about your intent.

  2. Heidi Petterson

    Terry, while I agree you are right to bring up the subject of girls being beautiful without makeup, being “prepared” for her meeting with King Xerxes is an important piece of Esther’s story and the history of the Persian empire of the time. [Esther 2.12] I think that is important to point out and I believe it can be a teaching point about girls having virtue, grace and character just like Esther. All of the women chosen were “prepared” but the king chose Esther because of her inner beauty. “…Esther won the favor of all who knew her… And the king loved Esther more than any other.” Esther 2.15 & 17
    Esther is such an amazing example of beauty in every sense of the word and the fact is this was all a plan God set in motion from her birth. God made her physically attractive to the king so that she was noticed. She earned the favor of those who knew her because of her virtues not her physical beauty. And she was ultimately able to be the vessel God chose to save her people because of her courage, grace, patience AND beauty.
    I have read several things recently that do not line up with the Bible’s account of Esther’s story, including the opinion that she was essentially a sex slave. Where is God’s Divinity in that opinion, I wonder? I digress, I hope we are able to dig into our Bibles deeply and not superficially, to learn the Truths it holds. I think we are a generation that is making the change of knowing our Bibles and ultimately, our Heavenly Father intimately. And I LOVE how the Bible journaling community is such a beautiful part of that change!

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