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Join us for stubborn love – a class all about working on the kind of love that never gives up! I will be bringing my sweet husband (high school sweetheart) along for the ride for this one as we share the “his” and “her” side of this wild thing we call love. We want to encourage you to document your love story in the margins of your bible, and part of doing that is talking with each other about your story, the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY (ha!) and relying on God through it all! We will be sharing our story with you in hopes of challenging you to dig deep, go way back (which shouldn’t be too hard for the newlyweds in the house) and talk about all the little stories that has built the foundation your marriage sits on today. We don’t claim to know it all and we certainly aren’t perfect but we know that we struggle with so many of the same issues you have, and have the funny stories to prove it! Let’s document the victories, the sleepless nights and the sweet little moments that made us fall in love. We would love for you to join us, and we hope these four weeks can add as much to your story as it has to ours.

Hello friends, Marriage is not all fluffy clouds and gumdrops it is hard work. Long nights, difficult conversations and a life long journey together. But when you are able to do it with the one you love, the one who is truly your other half it makes the journey worth the work. Because God created marriage to be an amazing union between man and woman, he created intimacy, and he created you! Ephesians 5:25 gives us guys a pretty tall task but for that special someone it is worth the journey! I know for me I am eternally grateful to have found Shanna and we will forever be journeying along side each other because she truly is my lobster (if you caught that reference we are already FRIENDS )!

Hey there sweet friends! Marriage is wonderful, messy, amazing, beautiful, hard, and #allthethings, we totally get it. We are there right beside you! As with any journey we believe it’s important to document ALL those moments and what a BEAUTIFUL place to do that – right in the margins of your bible! Jonathan and I used to keep a notebook full of love letters in high school that we would pass back and forth and we are excited to start a new bible together where we can write sweet love notes, intimate prayers and amazing praises!! Unlike our other classes, this class includes audio files as well where we share our story and challenge you guys to do the same, I can’t wait to see what Jesus has in store for this class where we can get real about this crazy, wonderful, wild stubborn love, the kind of love that never gives up.

Who is this class for: this class is geared with couples in mind but not limited to! If your husband isn’t into bible journaling we would still encourage you to take the class. The homework and the heart of the class is really about talking through some of the key points in your marriage. Jonathan and I found this extremely powerful and the bible journaling was simply documenting this process. If you are single, or previously married you are also welcome!! We don’t want anyone to feel like this isn’t for you, even if you aren’t married yet but hope to one day, this might be a fun, insightful workshop!

Who is the class NOT for:  Jonathan and I share about ALL the aspects of marriage, including the very intimate, this class is not appropriate for children/teens.

Workshop Schedule 

Please note: you may join in at any point.
All art files are available for download upon registration.
  • Session 1 Feb 14th 2017
  • Session 2 Feb 21st 2017
  • Session 3 Feb 28th  2017
  • Session 4 March 7th 2017

Stubborn Love Includes:

4 videos from Shanna and Jonathan

4 audio files (sorry guys some of these are long but we had a lot to share!)

1 Stubborn Love Wordfetti

1 Stubborn Love Trace & Color

1 Stubborn Love Journaling Card

1 Stubborn Love Heart Sheet

1 Stubborn Love Embelishments

1 Stubborn Love Cut Apart Cuties

1 Stubborn Love Word Art

1 He Said, She Said Journaling Cards

Art Designed by Brandi Kincaid & Elaine Davis

*Not all files shown in preview

* please note: this is an online workshop, all items are digital for your convince! I love making stickers and labels out of all the adorable goodies!  You will have a blast!!!!!

  • Digital Files provided in PDF format

Due to the digital nature of this product no refunds will be given.


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