Wait Out the Wilderness



“September is suicide prevention & awareness month, & with that on my heart, I keep finding Exodus on my mind. My favorite part about the story of the Israelites being saved from slavery is that it just demonstrates to me HOW MUCH God wants to give all of us freedom from the things that keep us bound, as God’s “people” we never have to settle for a life that is not our own…. I’m discovering though that there is another thing to learn from in this freedom story: freedom doesn’t always happen overnight. The truth is, oftentimes there is a wait; there is a HUGE journey to get from captive to the full freedom God promises us. I wanted to share something with you for this special month that is about the in-between, about how one step at a time we can walk towards freedom. Sometimes we have to wait out the wilderness, and hold on to the hope, that our promised land is coming – if only we are brave enough to keep on being where we are, and taking those small important steps.” -Shawna Clingerman
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