Lately I’ve been pondering paths and timing and disappointments. Sometimes our paths look different in real life than they did in our minds. Maybe you expected to have accomplished certain things by now. It’s possible that your plan was to bloom years ago but maybe you were derailed.


I picked up this cactus stamp because my parents now live in Arizona and they love their succulents and it made me think of them. But actually, I always think about them, especially mama because she is rehabbing from a stroke and is probably watching this right now – hey ma! But the cactus, this verse and her story – along with so many of our stories – fall right into the bucket of derailments, disappointments and different paths.


Let’s look at this cactus. I mean, it’s gnarly. It’s rough. It’s kinda mean looking. It doesn’t feel approachable. But then in time, it blooms. It produces this gorgeous flower that you’d never expect. It just makes me think about how this relates to the lives we plan and prepare for and how it doesn’t always produce gorgeous flowers. Sometimes it’s rough. Sometimes it’s gnarly. Sometimes it’s hurts. But God knows when it’s ready to bloom – just like he knows when we’re ready to bloom. And the cool thing is that we ARE meant to bloom, it’s just a matter of His timing.


Just a little something to think about when you’re feeling unsure about the path you’re on. Thanks for spending time with me today – see ya next time!


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  1. Jana 8 years ago

    I LOOOOVE this Andrea!!!!! <3

  2. Bonita Rose 8 years ago

    thanks girl.. I needed to hear this today… lately, I’ve been feeling a bit alone and unrecognized. I know He sees me and that’s awesome.. but sometimes, to be valued for what you give out to the world would be nice too.. hugs. xo thks for the encouragement.

  3. michelle 8 years ago

    I love this. Thanks for sharing. So true about the rough path blooming in God’s time.

  4. Amy 8 years ago

    Great job!!!

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