When I’m at home, I have my Illustrated Faith work station set up on a TV tray in my living room. It’s over sized, which gives me plenty of space to spread out all of my paints, stamps, and embellishments, while the rest of my craft supplies are stored in my desk in another room. However, when I travel, I can’t exactly bring it all with me (though believe me, I tried when I went home for Christmas…) so I try to narrow it down to just the basics.

As I write this, I am sitting in an airport in the Pacific Northwest with a couple of hours to kill before my ride arrives, and I am SO thankful for my little travel bag of Bible journaling supplies. I have been participating in #illustratedfaithdaily2016 on Instagram, and hope to post these pages even while I’m out of state for a wedding. Today I wanted to share with you the tips and tricks I’ve learned (and am currently using!) to journal in my Bible on the go!


First things first, I packed my journaling Bible. Duh ;) I started a new one with the new year, so this one is still pretty compact with 20ish pages from 2016 so far. I slipped my Illustrated Faith Bible Mat in the back cover to keep them together and to protect the pages I will paint while I’m gone. As you can see from the leftover color on the mat, it not only catches the excess but it can be used as a paint palette for acrylics as well! This trip I only packed my watercolors, leaving the rest of my paints at home, with a few brushes and pens tucked inside my carrying case as well.

At home I keep my stamps in 6×8 binders and LOVE having them all at my disposal to mix and match. However, on this trip I limited myself to two sheets, the most recent stamps released by Illustrated Faith (and a tiny date roller stamp, too). When I packed my ink pad I made sure to secure it shut with a couple of pieces of washi tape to keep it from coming open and staining the rest of my belongings en route.


I couldn’t find my small acrylic blocks before I left, just a massive one, so I grabbed the small plastic top to an embellishment organizer and tossed it in my bag. It will work just as well! And even if you don’t have something like that, you can easily pull one of the backing sheets off your stamp set and use that! Make the most of what you have on hand, I say!

When it came to my devotional, I honestly debated whether or not to bring it, because the book itself is kind of heavy. I ended up tossing it in last minute, but before that I had seriously considered spending the weekend responding to scripture in worship music from a few of my favorite albums. Each season with the Lord looks different, and you are given plenty of grace for your quiet times and devotional routines to change as need be! This page is from a day I decided to read through some unfamiliar Psalms, and I LOVE the reminder it now provides!

I’m also thinking about keeping this color scheme going during the trip, as a way to link together all I learned while out and about these few days. I may not be home in my natural journaling habitat, but I am still so expectant that the Lord is going to move and reveal new things!

Really, all you need is your Bible and a pen, but there is a way to bring more creativity in and use fun products along the way if you so choose. Wherever you are and wherever you are going, I pray that the Lord speaks to you in new ways there, too!


ESV two column journaling Bible by CrosswayIllustrated Faith make it count stampsIllustrated faith beautiful words stampsIllustrated Faith precision penIllustrated Faith Bible mat | Ashley Mary cosmetic bag from Target | Heidi Swapp date roller | Stazon black ink padSimply Art watercolors

  1. Melanie Randolph 8 years ago

    Hi Bailey!!! I love following your journey on Instagram. I am a native Texan age 40+ who transplanted to Oklahoma a year and a half ago with my family. It’s a God story for sure. I was wondering if you used anything to clean the stamps while traveling? Thank you for sharing your journey!!

  2. Tawni Sattler 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this, Bailey! I need all of the tips I can get for illustrating my faith on the go. We’re taking a MONTH-LONG trip back to the States in July, and I’m going to need to bring all of the supplies I possibly can! It’s too bad I can’t dedicate an entire suitcase to my bible journaling. ;)


  3. Amy Bruce 8 years ago

    I love this post! Inspiring travel tips for sure.

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