Hiya sweets! I wanted to share my process through Day 2 of our latest bible journaling kit, free from shame featuring our sweet Bekah Blankenship! I am LOVING this devotional to bits and I am only on day 2!!! Yes! I know, so thankful we have many more days ahead of this loveliness!!!

I have always loved Bekah’s beautiful bible journaling entires, and so I was SO excited to have her join us for this month’s devotional. I thought I had an idea for Bekah’s heart before this, but WOW friend WOW, Bekah takes us to a whole new level with this one! The honesty, truth, raw emotions she shares (along with a pretty funny story for day 2) has me loving every moment of it!

I wanted to share some of my favorite entries from Bekah’s instagram feed (make sure to follow her for some major inspiration, in bible journaling, worship, art, parenting, and you know.. life!!! )

Watercolors are my favorite, because of the layers and the subtle nuances that appear in all the bleeding edges. It's hard to capture the real beauty in a photo. The end result is sweet, but it pales in comparison to seeing the whole process, the transformation, and the complexity of how all the strokes work together. So it is with life. I've never seen thankfulness leach out of my heart the way it does when I forget. Psalm 106 starts out with a reminder to be grateful, and then it recounts all the ways the children of Israel were quick to forget. Verse 24 and 25 are especially painful to read, as they play so vividly in my heart "then they despised the pleasant land, having no faith in his promise. They murmured in their tents, and did not obey the voice of the Lord." And then all the way down in verse 45... "for their sake he remembered his covenant, and relented according to the abundance of his steadfast love." Whoa. For my sake He remembers. #illustratedfaith #documentedfaith #psalm106 #thankful #seasons #watercolors #journalingbible #biblejournaling
I'm on the <a class='bp-suggestions-mention' href='https://www.illustratedfaith.com/members/illustratedfaith/' rel='nofollow'>@illustratedfaith</a> blog today! "Anyone who God used in scripture had a high threshold for inconvenience." Pastor Timmy shared this as part of the All In series at church. How's your threshold for inconvenience these days?? #illustratedfaith #bellablvd #if_praisebook
John 6, after dishing out some hard truths and watching His followers dwindle, Jesus turned to the remaining twelve and asked them if they wanted to leave too. Peter responded in the simplest way "who else could we turn to? You have the words of eternal life." The Msg version says "REAL life." I know it's hard for us to imagine, seeing Jesus in the flesh, working miracles and changing the atmosphere everywhere He went- it's hard to imagine that any rational person would walk away from Him just because what He was asking was hard. Right?? Right. But I do it. I do it every time I suppress a word for someone because it might make things awkward. I do it every time I bite my tongue in worship rather than singing life out over a group of thirsty souls, because it might make some uncomfortable- because it might make ME uncomfortable. I do it every time I get caught up in watching the backs of those walking away, rather than the faces of those drawing close, the face of Jesus. But honestly, it's silly. Because He holds the words that contain eternal life and that's REAL. The rest of the stuff we are believing is just smoke and mirrors. I want to do hard things for His name's sake. He's the real deal, and once you really know it- there's nowhere else to turn. #illustratedfaith #Dayspring #BellaBlvd #John6 #paintalltheflowers
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Guys, I mean seriously! Amiright?
In today’s post (yes we are all the way down here and I am just now getting to the point, lol welcome to my life! ) I wanted to talk about finding freedom from shame. Bekah has this beautiful way of approaching these big subjects in such a relatable way.
Shame is something we all struggle with from time to time, from those of us that may have some from our background, or shame from a part of our life we hide from others to those of us that have funny stories that are a source of blushing shame, like the one Bekah shared. No matter how big, deep, painful or SHAME-filled your shame stories are I promise they are all washed clean by Jesus. He is just so full of beautiful grace, from a source that is never ending. I love the imagery that Bekah chose for this kit, the florals. You may not look at the florals and think shame, and that is exactly the point, Jesus has set us free from that shame and we are given the gift of grace, encouraged to grow and BLOOM through the testimony Jesus has set in our path!
I wanted to share with you a short video sharing how I have worked through day two of the free to flourish bible journaling kit!


We would love to have you join us for this month’s kit, pick it up here!  And don’t forget your coupon!

love you to bits!

xox Shanna Noel


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    So gorgeous! I can’t wait to get to this devotional!

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    LOve this!!! Looking forward to get this beautiful kit!

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