Hiya friends! So I finally got both sets of those ADORABLE animal stamps Jess Robyn created for Illustrated Faith, yay! It seemed like a no brainer to use them to create a little Noah’s Ark scene, right? I really began with no intention, just stamping and coloring and enjoying creating. I would do a little pencil coloring and a little reading and back and forth… Awhile back I enjoyed a Bible study that focused on finding Jesus in the Old Testament stories, but Noah’s Ark wasn’t one we studied in the book. So I began looking for Jesus in the story, “What about Noah’s Ark might foreshadow Jesus?” Did you ever notice there was only one door on that huge boat? ONE. Just as Jesus is the one and only door we can enter and be saved(John 10:9)…the ark only had one door to enter and be saved.

Cool huh? I couldn’t stop there. The story of Noah and the ark spanned about 4 pages in my Bible. I had to keep looking for Jesus. Guess what? I found him. Isaiah 32:2 prophecies that a man will come to be shelter from the wind and cover from the storm. In Noah’s days the boat was his shelter and cover but 2000 years later a man would come as a refuge.


Of course the story ends with the rainbow covenant from God and I couldn’t help but thinking how Jesus came to fulfill a new covenant. So I read verses about the new covenant and reference Luke 22:20.

I find it so fascinating how God wove this story together before he even breathed life into man. Jesus is written all through the book(God too, since they are one). I am in awe every time I find a little hint of the Savior who was to come and who is to come again! Have you ever approached the Bible this way? Asking yourself, “what does this tell me about Jesus?” If not, I challenge you to! Then come back and let me know, what did you find?!



Crossway ESV Journaling Bible | Illustrated Faith High and Lifted up Stamp set by Jess Robyn | Illustrated Faith He Love You Beary Much stamp set by Jess Robyn | Illustrated Faith by Bella Blvd precision pen | Illustrated Faith by Bella Blvd Bible Mat Illustrated Faith by Bella Blvd Fold It | Illustrated Faith by Bella Blvd Typed Oh My Heavens | Bella Blvd Faithful Tiny Text | Bella Blvd Fruit Punch Tiny Text | Bella Blvd White Tiny Text | Prismacolor colored pencils | Apple Barrel acrylics | Dear Lizzy date stamp | StazOn in Jet Black | assorted washi tape

  1. Stephanie 6 years ago

    Love these pages! :D

  2. Jen Knowing The Light 6 years ago

    Wow, that is utterly amazing, what colour and joy. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Lesa 6 years ago

    Great thoughts and beautiful art!

  4. Caitlin 6 years ago

    These pages are absolutely stunning! I looooove the Noah’s ark page!????????

  5. Jess Robyn 6 years ago

    Oh my word Gina this is the cutest thing ever!!!!

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