mixed media watercolor illustration art journaling Bible entry by Bekah Blankenship

I’m finishing out summer soaking in all the bright colors I can manage. There is something about the shades of summer that keep my heart happy, even through the dreariness of winter. As you can imagine, Meg’s Through Christ devotional is fitting right in with my plans to color in my Bible like crazy this month! I love the simplicity of the daily entries, often things I’ve heard before, but with just a sprinkle of freshness to make my heart savor it all over again.

mixed media watercolor illustration art journaling Bible entry by Bekah Blankenship

Today, I’m munching on grace. Grace is one of those things I need to feed my weary emotions with a whole lot more often than I do. It never gets old but it’s often overlooked. This line is my favorite. “We can pour out grace without fear of it running out. It’s from the Lord and He doesn’t hold back. It keeps coming like waves in the ocean.” I’ve shared before that I tend to be a little stingy with grace. I ask myself why on a regular basis, and because I’m pretty self-critical I always come back to the idea that I’m just super hard on myself . I have a hard time receiving grace which is why I can’t give it freely. But maybe it’s more than that! Maybe I do occasionally buy into the scarcity mentality, the idea that God’s grace for me and through me has a limit, that it might run out. Friends, let’s not forget that God doesn’t give with reservation- he freely gives. In James 4, there’s a whole lot of conviction brought on by a lot of correction, and right smack in the middle in verse 6 it says “but He gives more grace.” I love it so much. As a momma and a daughter and a friend and a confidant, I can always give more grace. I can give it without fear of not having enough and without fear of someone using it all up. Ever.

I’m an ocean girl to the deepest of my being. I have never once stood on the shore, staring out at the horizon in all of it’s vastness and considered that it might run dry. Not once. Ah, grace like an ocean, such a beautiful thought.

mixed media watercolor illustration art journaling Bible entry by Bekah Blankenship

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