I saw a running theme while I was going through the Make Room devotional… breathing. It reminded me of my morning routine. One thing I started doing a few months ago was spending 10 minutes first thing when I wake up in “silence” or meditation. This was really hard for me to do with my ADHD mind and took some time to really practice it. I found that practicing it really helped me to grow closer to God and really fill myself up with Jesus while letting go of my selfishness and pride. I was literally filling myself up with God and emptying myself of self. The easiest way for me to do it, is to think/say “fill me with God’s love and grace” while breathing in, and then think/say “empty myself of me” while breathing out. I started seeing the benefits of spending time in meditation right away. I was much more calm and less frazzled during the day. Because I had filled myself up with God’s love and grace, I was able to extend that out to my family and the people around me.


It really resonated with me on day 5 of the devotional to let go of the good things, so that I can make room for the great things God has for me. It also resonated with me on day 15 when Gretchen closes with, “This day, take a deep breath in, now breathe out. Make room for the gift of Jesus, and accept the greatest gift you will ever be given, the life of Christ IN YOU!


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  1. sarah 8 years ago

    Love this great idea!

  2. Jenny Kozar 8 years ago

    I had to pause…let go of good…so SCARY…and yet….it is making room for the GREAT!!! Amen…I am writing this in my journal now.

    thanks for sharing.

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