Guys. Seriously. I am floored. I can’t believe the response, stories, testimonies I am hearing on a daily basis about how you are using your creativity in a way that is drawing you closer to your relationship to God. Thank you so much for sharing, in exchange I wanted to open the door on this recent discovery of mine, something I started as a branch of my journaling bible.

I bought this traveler’s notebook thinking that I would use it as a art journal sort of thing, but I suppose that never inspired me enough to get started because it just sat there. Then as I was exploring the idea of a journaling bible the thought of being creative in my prayer life really sparked something. I wanted to have one place to document the prayers that I pray over my children on a daily basis. My intentions aren’t to document every single prayer obviously, but to have a book I could hand off to each one of my children when they are adults.
My mother in law is a prayer warrior, I know that wherever I go her prayers have already been. In fact she was praying for me before I ever met Jonathan as she would pray for his future wife when he was only a child.  Prayer doesn’t come as easily to me, my prayers are often short and sweet are rarely shared with others. Even though I pray with my children, I want them to know that they are on my mind constantly. When I walk by their messy rooms in the morning I pray for their day at school when I pack their lunches I pray for their friends, when I give them that final kiss at night after they are fast asleep I pray for their uniqueness and how I hope they hold on to that.
Now that we have touched on the why, let’s talk a little about the how;
The reason I decided to use this journal is because I can use ONE notebook for each girl. You see these journals allow you to insert different notebooks within the same cover. My thought was as this project contrinues and books fill up I could set aside each notebook, one for Jaden and one for Addison and give them their very own journal filled with prayers.
For the photos to include in the journal, I didn’t want to put pressure on myself to take a new photo for the journal. I don’t know about you but I have this little container filled with all the different photos I have from other projects that are either extras (I will often print more than one) or the wrong size etc. I decided just to use photos from this container for this instead.
I decided to start the journal with two photos of the girls doing something that makes them happy, that is uniquely them.  I find that is what I pray the post about that they continue to SHINE in the way God made them. I want them to know I SEE THEM, I see their unique characters that make them so special. I then selected the “love this” stamp from Ali Edwards.
I kept it very simple from there, just adding a bit of washi tape at the top to hold it down. I then used my journaling pen to jot down some lines and journaled my prayers out on top of them. I made sure to use a date stamp at the top so as the girls look back at these they will have some context as to when it was.
What I love about this idea is that it was very easy to duplicate for Jaden’s notebook. I did all the same steps only adding a unique prayer for each child. This workflow would work for any number of children. I have some ideas on a marriage prayer journal as well, but there are some different ideas I wanted to share there, so that will be saved for a different day!
Thank you so much for joining me today, I hope you have an wonderful day!


  1. TracieClaiborne 10 years ago

    Oh MYLANTA!!! This is beyond wonderful. There are no words but here are some: amazing, inspiring, thoughtful, inspirational, I could go on and on. I want to RUN and make this right now. What a treasure to leave to a child! It’s making me cry as I type this. You are just too wonderful for words.

  2. Sarah Shivler 10 years ago

    Have you seen the book/blog/FB page Praying in Color? It is similar to what you are doing. A friend introduced me to that and Bible Journaling! I love my new art avenue! Blessings-

  3. Dawn LL 10 years ago

    Such a beautiful idea and wonderful idea to share with our children. Thanks so much for sharing

  4. Lydell Quin 10 years ago

    Oh my. I love this. Like…..LOVE. One for each child? This is perfect. What an amazing gift for them. So personal. LOVE this :-)

    • Shanna Noel 10 years ago

      Thank you Lydell! Yes as you know each child is so different, imagine handing it over to them on their wedding day or when they have a child of their own.. I just can’t even put into words!

  5. Leah Burgett 10 years ago

    WOW!! I love this idea!! What a perfect gift for your child! I can’t wait to see your ideas on a marriage journal!!

  6. Emma 10 years ago

    Oh I absolutely /love/ this idea!! I’m totally doing this with my prayer journal. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Evelin 10 years ago

    I think this is a lovely idea! Am getting an MTN soon too and I hope to do this as well :) Thanks for sharing and inspiring :)

  8. Kristin Pappas 10 years ago

    Wow this is an amazing idea!! And I can’t wait to see your ideas for a marriage journal :)

  9. Darrin and Casie 10 years ago

    This is beautiful! I keep a smash book with my morning devotional notes but have been wanting more of an artsy outlet. Great idea. Thank you for sharing with us!!!

  10. Stephanie 10 years ago

    Just yesterday my Bible study group started an elective on prayerful journalling. I was going to use my journal as a reminder of God’s faithfulness, but what a wonderful idea to pass it on you your daughters. I look forward to seeing where this journey leads.

  11. Bonita Rose 10 years ago

    This is beautiful in its simplicity. Totally gonna make something similar.. Love it… love the journal… a bit expensive for me but I know I can make something work. I’ve done something similar over the years, writing birthday letters to each of my girls on the eve of their birthday including some photos of the past year, and then after I’ve written it, sealed the envelope. So i can’t go back and change or alter my words. I have a stack for each of them I hope to pass on to them one day. It will be like a treasure to them when they receive them… xo this is a fantastic book u are doing for your girls.. they are gonna love you even more because of it. xo

  12. Vanessa 10 years ago

    Oh my!! I LOVE IT!! So simple, so wonderful!! It has been a while that I am praying over and thinking about a prayer journal for a special one and your idea just sums up everything that was in my mind! Thank you so much for sharing that!! Such a blessing!! I pray that the Lord keep using your creativity for His glory!!

  13. Oh Shanna! I absolutely love this idea and have the perfect mini album/journal in mind for this project!! As always-thank you so much for sharing your creativity with the world!!!!!!

  14. Linda E. 9 years ago

    What a great idea. This is also good for grand parents praying for their grand children. Thanks for sharing this……Linda E.

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