I am so excited to have with us another guest for our journaling bible series! Kelly first started posted about her journaling bible on instagram and her excitment was contagious. I was crossing my fingers should would be willing to share on the blog and here she is!!

The first thing I felt when I saw a photo of a journaling bible was… “This is for me, I know it!” God created me exactly the way I am. The girl who loves color, adores patterns and gets real excited about typography. So I immediately watched Shanna’s video. At one point she said these words: “this matches the creative part of our brain with the spiritual side; our soul.” Yes! That’s what I want!!  
Another thing, I need to press in. I need to recommit to quiet time with my Jesus. I’m gonna be real honest here… I don’t always enjoy reading the bible. Sometimes it’s amazing! But other times, I’m either too tired, or I’m too interrupted, or I’m just not feeling it… but I’m feeling this!! 
The ESV Journaling Bible is gorgeous! I LOVE the size, I love the amount of space I have to be creative with, and it feels great. Hey, the price tag ain’t bad either ($20 on amazon!).
I dove right in the day I got it. I knew my first verse would be Luke 1:37. “For nothing is impossible with God.” This is an amazing truth. This past April my world began to crash down around me. There was nothing I could do but cry out to God and ask for a miracle. And after crying out to Him for a time, He did it. What seemed impossible became possible. I’ve been in awe ever since, really. God is just so good. 
Here’s my second Bible journaling… a great sentence from the sermon last weekend at my church :)
You can see I’m keeping it simple with pens and a few stickers. I’ll venture out soon with watercolor and such, but it scares me right now. :)  My plan in the near future is to use one of the plans on my iPhone Bible app. I’ll choose one of the scriptures or devotional nuggets to journal. Can’t. Wait.
What a blessing this is to me, thank you so much Shanna for sharing this idea with the rest of us! It seems so natural now, so simple. But I would never have thought of it. I’m thankful for the Body of Christ.

Thank you so much for sharing Kelly! If you would like to follow more of what Kelly is up to make sure to check her out over on facebook! Also, if you are doing a journal bible and would like to be a part of our facebook group please click here and I will make sure to add you! :) 

Also I have a winner from our Pamela Baldwin inspires blog post!! Thank you to all those who participated and our winner is: ANDREA!!! Congrats!!! Please email me at shannanoelATgmailDOTcom for you Studio Calico gift card!!!! xox

  1. andrea 7 years ago

    (I can’t believe it, I won! Thank you so much.)

    Kelly, I really like how you made those pages. Especially how you combined different colors and sizes for every row. Really awesome!

  2. Tori Bissell 7 years ago

    Such a wonderful share. Love her typography.

  3. Love this!!! Just requested to join the FB group page!!

  4. Donna Leicht 7 years ago

    Me too! We finished Beth Moore, Thes. study last night. Left us with the question, “What next?” This morning I happened upon Bible journaling. Thank you, God. Which colored pens are these, please?

  5. Helen Gullett 7 years ago

    LOVE this Bible. My husband got it first 3 years ago and he got me one the year after for my Christmas present. I have been journaling on it expect not in colors… I have separate book for doodling… After seeing these inspirations on your blog, I am thinking to do something different :) THANK YOU for these!

  6. Ek 6 years ago

    Did you know a bible in spanish like that?

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