A few weeks ago, I got to go to a youth and young adult conference with the junior high and high school group from my church. I was a youth leader for a few years after graduating high school, but this year I decided to step back. They needed a couple extra leaders, so I volunteered. Man, am I glad that I decided to say yes.

The whole weekend was a whirlwind, so I’m glad that I took notes during the services and break-out sessions that we were in. I spent the week following the conference journaling based on those notes and really had time to reflect on them. That’s one of my favorite parts of journaling in my Bible… the reflection time!

The very first night, our speaker started off with a bang. Dude was speaking truth over us left and right and it was exactly what my weary soul needed. When he said this line, my heart just overflowed: “The enemy cannot define you because he did not create you.” Read that again. As many times as you need to until it sinks in.

Genesis 1:27 says this: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to what the enemy says about me instead of what God says about me. I’ve believed lies instead of the truth. “You’re a failure” instead of “I’ve given you grace.” “You can do it all on your own” instead of “Find your rest in me.” “No one cares about you” instead of “I see you and I know you.”

Those lies are 100% from the enemy. And even though I know that I know that I know that all the enemy does is lie, sometimes it’s so easy for me to slip into that pit. One of my favorite parts of journaling in my Bible is reflecting on what I’ve learned, but another is that I have all these reminders to look back on about who God says I am. I keep my Bible open to this page on my desk most often, because I need to remember this most often.

Remember this: the enemy cannot define you because he did not create you. Let God define you.


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  1. Tricia 6 years ago

    Love this!! I know this is a timely reminder for me too.

  2. Britt Hanson 6 years ago

    Leah, ohhhhh YES!!! I loved this so much. What truth. We have so much potential in us, because He created us. We’ve gotta dig in deep, and find it, but it’s there waiting.

  3. Amy Bruce 6 years ago

    This is going in my Bible sweet friend!!!! You are right the “dude” spoke a truth that needs repeating!!! So good. God is so good.

  4. Jenny Kozar 6 years ago

    LOVE This!! As we embrace this Holiday Season and work for the Glory of our Father the enemy sure does like to creep around and just make little nudges to chink our armor…thank you for this everlasting reminder that I am made in the image of God.

  5. Deborah Thompson 6 years ago

    This was a complete blessing to my soul. I went and wrote that phrase next to that verse. Thank you Lord for using your vessel to share this reminder.

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