Print and Pray Bible Journaling by Rebecca Jensen using digital printables | This is the Way | Isaiah 30:21

I hate driving on the highway. Driving at high speeds, surrounded by other cars, with confusing exit numbers and ramps–I just do not like it. It’s a pretty big source of anxiety for me.

Navigating on the other hand…that I love! Back in the days before GPS and a million navigation apps on my smartphone, you could always find me with my nose in a map while on car trips. I have vivid memories of sitting in the back of our family van while my dad drove us long hours on family vacations across the country. I would sit with a map book in my lap, asking him what our planned route was so that I could follow along. When my mom was asleep, I would stay up and give my dad updates on exits and passing roads.

Now, with the beauty of easy and instant navigation, I am a much happier driver. While I still don’t like to drive on the highway, I feel a little better when it’s a necessity. Why? Because of a loud voice in a tiny box that promptly tells me directions and updates as I travel along. I trust that voice and those commands and I expect it to get me where I want to go.

Print and Pray Bible Journaling by Rebecca Jensen using digital printables | This is the Way | Isaiah 30:21

Tamara’s devotion in the Revival Camp Old Testament kit hit home for me as I related to it on just about every level.  She talks about how we need to trust God’s voice and directions and rely on Him even MORE than we rely on that little voice that emerges from our phone. He is always with us telling us, “This is the Way”–and there’s no other way I want to follow daily!

As soon as I read that devotional, I knew I needed some road signs incorporated into my Bible entry and Abigail’s latest set was the perfect fit! Not only that, one of the key verses Abigail highlights in her set–Isaiah 30:21–is one of the same verses Tamara uses in her prompts! I just LOVE how the Print and Pray sets coordinate with the kits we are working through as a community! AND I adore how our amazing artists work to create products that work together seamlessly. On this entry, I have three different Print and Pray sets from three different artists! Can you spot them?

The cute little bug, road signs and flowers are from Abigail’s “At a Crossroads” set. The art marks and collage color scribbles are from Elaine’s “Quest for Clarity Collage Papers.” Last, but not least, I layered a chunk of color swipes from one page of Mandy’s “Give it all You’ve Got Patterned Paper Bundle” printed on clear sticker paper! I love how they all work together to create a cohesive and colorful page!

I’m super obsessed with layering as I’m working through the Revival Camp kits and I’ve had a few questions about how to layer! I’m certainly no master–please see anything by Vanessa Walker or Shanna Noel as my layering genius inspiration queens! But here’s some quick tips I’ve been using through this kit:

  • I start by collecting ephemera, stickers, journaling cards, printables, you name it–that go with the theme I’m working on or the color scheme I want to use! Pull it all together! The more the merrier!
  • Then I start piling it onto my page and seeing what pieces actually look good together.
  • For this kit, the bottom layer has been a collage of second-generation stamps on the Revival Camp OT passport stamps in varying colors. It’s provided a faded/distressed background look.
  • Figure out what you what your title or statement piece to be and build around that.
  • Create texture! I love using ruffled fabric or folded paper ruffles from the paper bag packing the kits come in! My current obsession is 3D foam square adhesives. It allows certain pieces of ephemera to “pop up” off the page and create visual space and layers!
  • Make space for journaling! I either create little pockets out of my layers or leave space for a card to tuck in somewhere!
  • Just keep adding! When you feel like you’re done…challenge yourself to add one more little something before calling it done! I usually end up adding a few more things when I take a step back!

So grab some adorable Print and Pray sets and start layering away and meet God in those margins! I can’t wait to see what you create!

Additional Supplies: Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Sunny Days Ephemera | Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Sunny Days Large Alpha Ephemera | paper clip | scrapbook paper from Studio Calico | wordfetti from Tim Holtz | foam adhesive squares | staz on ink | versa magic chalk inks


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