Field Notes for Freedom



Field Notes is a series of encouraging studies through the lens of an explorer’s journey. Scientists and explorers go out into the field to seek the new, and then report back their findings, in the hopes of making life better here on earth. The Field Notes Series supports your study of the Scriptures and how to live out what you learn.
God’s Word points to freedom in Christ – freedom from our slavery to sin. We often don’t realize that our constant worry about money, possessions, relationships, and control can crowd out the whispers of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Freedom from the bondage of perpetual worry takes more than just hard work and practice. It takes daily seeking Jesus. It means leaning into the strong undercurrent of support and grace of Christ that can literally be the wind beneath our wings.
The birds of the air are wonderful reminders of freedom. Every bird is covered with many different types of feathers that assist them in keeping warm and dry, soaring through the air, and providing for their young. God thought of everything, didn’t He? Birds know innately that they are free. And God wants this same freedom for us!
Set includes:
  • (6)  8.5×11 PDF files of cut-apart elements
  • Digital Product Available For Immediate Download
  • Perfect for Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling
  • For Personal Use Only


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