Gratitude is Key



“My husband & I spent many years living paycheck to paycheck. It was rough. You have to get creative for meals out of whatever you have leftover in the pantry. (What can you make out of stale croutons & salt!?) There was a one-week period where we had less than $7.00 in our bank account. We had to make a game out of who could make the most cash so we could make it to our next check. When you have an empty cupboard & empty gas tank, it can also lead to an empty feeling inside you. But what we learned from those early years of marriage was invaluable. Gratitude is key. Even though we had a non-existent bank account, horrible bosses, junky vehicles, no cable, & an apartment the size of a sardine can, we focused on what we DID have. We had an awesome marriage, heat, our senses of humor, families that love us, our creativity, & our Heavenly Father! The Lord fills your cup somehow when you have a glad heart for what He provides!” -Elaine Davis

Kit Includes (3 PDF files):

  • (3) pages of cut-apart ephemera
Digital Product Available For Immediate Download
Perfect for Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling
For Personal Use Only


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