Weather or Not



“For the past seven months or so, life has thrown me a lot of disappointment. Work projects I was excited about have fallen through, some people close to us have died, there have been some health problems, and hoped for financial provision that hasn’t shown up yet. I’ve found myself many times questioning the Lord about all of this. Why am in still in this season? When are things going to let up? Lord, are you in this still with me? And honestly, I haven’t received many concrete answers. Through reading and praying and taking notice of small details, I’ve stumbled upon an umbrella of sorts in this rain shower. The Lord is good. His goodness is part of Who He is. He cannot separate Himself from goodness. And He has good for me. He’s promised, after all. I wouldn’t say much of the situation has changed. But He has slowly been changing my heart to understand that His goodness does in fact rain down on me, but His ways and His timing is different than mine. And so, I’ve got a rain hat, and the beginning of a new perspective. Flying in the rain is possible. Weather or not.” -Brianna Showalter


(4) 8.5 x 11″ PDF files of cut-apart ephemera & devo content by Brianna Showalter

Digital Product Available For Immediate Download

Perfect for Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling
For Personal Use Only


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