Unchanging God



Over the past few months, there have been a lot of big changes in Brianna’s home and family. Most have been good changes, some have been hard. But no matter if it’s good like her daughter starting high school, or sad, like her Grandma going to heaven, it’s still change. And as we all know, change takes getting used to. As the season is starting to change, Brianna is noticing how the moths and bugs are finding their way into the house, and their frantic wings beating for the outdoors has her thinking about the unchanging nature of our Father. He cares about those tiny moths with tiny life spans, and He cares exponentially more about you. It is such a comfort to be constantly reminded by these little moths of how even if things change in your life, God isn’t changing at all, now or ever. He is still ever-present, full of lovingkindness, grace and mercy. Hopefully these little moths also remind you of our unchanging God. They will be so fun to use in all sorts of projects and layouts. Be sure to have a look at the coordinating papers if you’d like more beautiful little moths in your life.

Set includes:
  • (3)  8.5×11 PDF files of cut-apart elements
  • Digital Product Available For Immediate Download
  • Perfect for Illustrated Faith & Bible Journaling
  • For Personal Use Only


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