Wow, what a week! We wish we could share the beautiful emails received and  re-post the thousands of comments from our social media sites, but that would take soooo much of your time and we know you want the skinny…that is, all the details on THE GENESIS CONSUMER KIT!


Notice one item not revealed yet this week: The 12-page Genesis devotional Booklet written by Shanna Noel herself. Whether Illustrating your Faith is new to you or you are a seasoned Bible artist, you’ll love to hear what Shanna has to say about the meaning of these products as she helps you dig deeper into the Word.



Q: When can I buy The Genesis Kit?

A: Consumers (that’s you, your Grandma, your friends, etc.) can PRE-ORDERING the kit beginning Monday, May 18th

Q: Where do I buy The Genesis Kit?

A:  Kits will be available only at via www.bellablvd.net  (Don’t worry, the site might be down right now, but that’s only because we have been working for month’s on a re-design and can’t wait to reveal it along with The Genesis Kit on Monday!)

Q: When will The Genesis Kit ship?

A: You will begin pre-ordering on Monday, May 18th. The Genesis Kits themselves will begin shipping the first week of July 1st. (Just in time for those of you searching for Journaling Bibles…our resources tell us that they should be re-stocked in June!)

Q: I do not live in the USA. Can I still purchase a kit?

A:  Yes! You can. We have done our best to coordinate Canadian and International shipping rates. (see next question)

Q: Who is fulfilling these orders?

A: The Genesis Kit is a product manufactured and distributed by Bella Blvd LLC. Kit orders will be filled directly from the Bella Blvd warehouse and are not available for sale anywhere else. All orders will be shipped first come, first serve.

Q: What if I want to purchase more than one Genesis Kit? Will I have to pay shipping twice?

A:  The short answer is yes. The Genesis Kits will be boxed at pre-set prices. The shipping charges are per kit ordered.

Q: I’m a business owner and want to order these products for me store, please help!

A:  We are so excited that you want to bring the Illustrated Faith products into your store!  Bella Blvd currently has Catalog and Order Form information available. Please contact us (sales@bellablvd.net) or call 414-259-1800 for information. Retailers will be able to purchase the items within The Genesis Kit in bulk. (ie. 6 Zipper Pouches=1unit at wholesale pricing)

Q: I’m new and just discovering Illustrated Faith and Bella Blvd. What is this new partnership?

A: Illustrated Faith is now a brand of products with Bella Blvd. The Brand Announcement post here.

Q: I didn’t get to see the “What If…” video trailer, where can I watch it?

A: What it here.

Q: I didn’t see all the product reveals, where can I find them?

A: 5×7” Sticker Series |Tools | Washi Tapes & 5×9” Alphabet Sticker Series

Q: What is next for Bella Blvd and Illustrated Faith?

A: We are so excited about this brand and what is has the potential to do! We are already working on what’s next and cannot wait to share it with you when the time is right. Bella Blvd will be exhibiting in the CBA’S Christian Retail Show in June and look forward to meeting and connecting with Christian retailers, churches, camps and more in person to bring them these beautiful products.

Finally, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. This movement is going to make a difference in people’s lives, we just know it! Thank you for allowing us in your hearts and personal journey with God. We look forward to giving back as a portion of all the Bella Blvd/Illustrated faith product sales will be donated on an annualized basis.

Oh wait! One more Thing! Don’t forget the Win-It-Before-You-Can-Buy-It Genesis Kit is still up for grabs on Bella Blvd’s Instagram page. Look for the image below on our handle and enter to win! Winner will be selected Sunday night before the kits go on sale!


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– Stephanie

  1. Julie 8 years ago

    Very likely this is one of the few times in my life that I. CAN’T. WAIT. UNTIL. MONDAY!!!!! :-)
    Wonderful job ladies-

  2. Dolli N 8 years ago


  3. Vickie 8 years ago

    Will the products included in the Genesis Kit be available individually instead of just in the kit?


    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      They sure will! Our first release is the kit then we will release the individual items to retailers

  4. Terry 8 years ago

    Can we purchase the kit without the bible? I purchased one earlier this year :( Can’t wait for this!!!

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Yes of course! This kit does not include a bible :)

  5. Donna 8 years ago

    i have been attempting to do this for a long time. I really need this but there is no way I can afford it. Will you be selling “parts” of it?

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Hiya Donna, yes after the kit launch retailers will be able to purchase the individual items :)

  6. Ryann 8 years ago

    Because it’s a pre-order, will you sell out like you did with the devotion kit?

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      No, since this is a preorder we will be able to meet the demand. :) Thank you!

  7. precious 8 years ago

    I just ordered today. How will i know the shipping time frame. Can’t see it on the website. Thanks in advance

    • Author
      illustratedadmin 8 years ago

      Hi there, they are currently shipping within 48 hours, THANK YOU!!!

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