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I’m so excited about today’s entry because it’s something that is really close to my heart!!  I’ve heard it SO many times… “I’d love to illustrate my faith but I can’t afford all the supplies!” Loves, not having a ton of supplies should never stop you from getting creative in the Word!  One of my favorite places to buy art and craft supplies is the Dollar Tree or the dollar spot from Target!  Another huge misconception when digging into getting crafty in your bibles is that you need to have all the Illustrated Faith supplies and a journaling bible or your pages won’t come out awesome!  Again, that’s just not true!  I’ve seen so many amazing entries with a $5 watercolor palette and a pen!!  So to help give you guys some ideas as to how to do this whole Illustrated Faith thing on the cheap and build your stash, I will be posting a low-budget friendly post each month.


This month I decided to work outside the margins of my bible and did my entry in the journal I made from 6 sheets of scrapbook paper a few weeks ago {insert DIY journal link}.  I think one of the easiest and most effective ways to add texture and color to your pages is to scrape some paint across them.  Bring on the happy yellow!  I also like to highlight the main idea of my entries with large bold stickers.


I then added some journaling and some of the “Say It” stickers that made me think about how, why and when I praise God.  The last thing I did was outline all the letter stickers to really help make the letters pop!


I hope this helps to get your creative minds working!  Don’t limit yourself by what you don’t have.  Use what’s available and when you begin to readjust your ways of thinking, you’ll be amazed at how ordinary items become art supplies!

Have a wonderful weekend!


-6 sheets of scrapbook paper ($.59 each)
-apple barrel acrylic paint ($1.29)
-old gift card for scraping (Free)
Total: $14.30
  1. Ellie 7 years ago

    Thank you so much, I use my twist up crayons and dollar stickers and even Goodwill finds.

  2. Amy Bruce 7 years ago

    Love it!

  3. Melinda 7 years ago

    The text of this post states “insert DIY journal link”. .did I miss it? I’d love to see it. .

  4. Carrie 7 years ago

    This is great, love the idea! Could you share the link for the DIY journal?

  5. Bev 7 years ago

    Link for DIY journal? Please…

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