Hello friends!  Amy Bruce here again to share with you a bit of my advent journaling.  Aren’t you just loving the Make Room advent devotional?  These women are touching my heart.

I thought I might walk you through a bit of my journaling process.  It’s no secret I love vivid color and illustration.  Both help me remember truth.   Sometimes I am very detailed in my illustrations and they take me a long time to think out and complete.  Other times, I love to use stamps and stickers with quick swipes of color and simple illustration.  There is no right or wrong and the process of learning is the fun part if you don’t stress about perfection and meeting someone else’s expectations.  The important part is spending time with the Lord dwelling in His truth and moving that truth into your heart through creative expression.

So, here we go.

During the third week of advent we look at accepting.

Day One opens the door.  Brittany Corner writes “listen to the new song that God is playing.”  Ok, God I’m listening… and a quick prayer, “Lord, please help me hear You!”   Because I get caught up in what I want to hear and trapped in the noisiness of my mind.  So I need His help to hear “a new song.”

A few quick stamps with the Illustrated Faith Advent set, quick lettering, and brushes of watercolor over the words that I want to remember finish this page.

Accept IF Advent 02_20151213_designsbyamybruce_00001

In Day Two Anne Summers walks us into a perfect picture of acceptance.  Anne writes “Beginnings demand breaking.”  Yikes!  Right at that moment I knew I was in for some truth.

I continued reading and used watercolors to highlight the areas that spoke to me personally.  After going back and reading again and letting things soak in, I went back and underlined the key passages that jumped off the page and did a dance in my heart.  I added some scallop detail and white dots with my gel pen.

I wish I was more like Mary in this passage but I am not.  I get scared.  I listen to the whispers and I would really appreciate a road map of the plan.  I love what Anne says about Mary’s heart response, “she declared it was worth it even before she knew where God would lead her.”

Accept IF Advent 03_20151213_designsbyamybruce_00001

Wow.  That’s acceptance.

Lord, help me be more like Mary!  After doodling a few Christmas branches and stamping my favorite bird ever (from the Advent set), I decided this needed to go in my Bible.

Accept IF Advent 04_20151213_designsbyamybruce_00001

I kept the basic ideas of my original doodling and stamping and transferred them to the passage in Luke.  I did use colored pencils and gel pens in the Bible illustration because I wasn’t getting the color I wanted with my watercolors but basically it’s the same ideas transferred.

It’s also very important to me to add where I got the words from so I added Anne Summers’ name and the Make Room Advent information on the left side.  I finished the page off with one of my favorite Elaine Davis’ printables as a tab.

Accept IF Advent 05_20151213_designsbyamybruce_00001

And there you have it.  If you are just getting started Bible Journaling, I would encourage you to quiet your heart and mind and let God show you something new!  Doodle, document, add some color, simple lettering or stickers and you will find that He changes your heart and mind in the process.

May we all be more like Mary and say “Yes…I’m all in.”

Christmas blessings and abundant peace,



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  1. Delisa Taylor 6 years ago

    I want to learn how to do the lettering. Where do I start???

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