Debby Schuh | The Discipline of Gratitude

Everyday and a thousand times a day I have a choice of what my attitude will be… will I be thankful or will I grumble? I’m realizing that the bottom line of each choice is how much I trust God. The more I trust Him, knowing who is He is and knowing His loving heart, the more I more I can give thanks because I trust that every day is a day that He has made that I can rejoice and be glad in.

Debby Schuh | The Discipline of Gratitude

One of my favorite verses is Psalms 118:24. It’s a verse that I’ve known all my life but lately I’ve been thinking about whether I live like it’s true! I started in this Psalm by reading and marking the phrases that stood out to me with a pen and colored pencils and then used a variety of stickers to pull the main ideas into the margin.

Debby Schuh | The Discipline of Gratitude

I love old papers and books and am always looking for ways to use them in my Bible and other paper-crafting projects. This page that I tore from an old book is perfect for this verse – I think the girl looks like she is running with such happiness and eagerness – just like I should be encountering every day! To give a little more sturdiness to the page and to give myself a place to write some thoughts, I glued it to a piece of vintage ledger paper, cut it out, and used washi tape to make it a flap in my Bible.

Debby Schuh | The Discipline of Gratitude


Lately I’ve heard many people say that they long for the “good old days” but I think that’s futile – those days are gone – TODAY is the day the Lord has given us and we can rejoice in it. It takes discipline to give thanks every DAY and in every THING but as I trust God more and more, it becomes more of a habit and really opens my eyes to the blessings that God gives every day. Someday today will be the “good old days” so I’m determined to live it to the fullest as I walk with Him.

Debby Schuh | The Discipline of Gratitude

By the way, some days are just full of trials and hardships, but because I know God, I know His heart, and I trust Him, I can be thankful then, too. It’s not hard to give thanks on the good days, but developing the habit of a thankful heart makes it easier to thank Him on the hard days, too.


ESV Single Column Journaling Bible | Bella Blvd/Illustrated Faith mat, pen, and word stickers | Crate Paper sticker | Amy Tangerine alphabet stickers | October Afternoon stickers | Basic Grey stickers | old Little Yellow Bicycle border stickers | Shimelle date stamp

  1. Linda E. 9 years ago

    Hello Debbie. This is such a cute page idea, and your thoughts on being thankful are very true and wise. Thanks so much for sharing this…….Linda E.

  2. Deb J 9 years ago

    Debby, I think your post is so true and so good for this time. I really think your thoughts are beautifully made because God is in you. Love the way you enhanced your Bible.

  3. debi 9 years ago

    Beautifully written Debby. And I adore your Bible page!

  4. Laura Payne 9 years ago

    I love your message! Today is the last day of my last summer vacation from teaching. Monday I will experience the Last First Day of a new school year. I am retiring at the end of the 2015-16 school year. I have decided to enjoy each and every day because it is the last one that I will experience as a teacher. I love teaching; I love the kids; but I am ready to turn it over to the young ones and enjoy my grandchildren and my dogs!! Thank you for your inspiration! Hey! Maybe I’ll be able to travel to one of your classes when my days are not so fully scheduled!

  5. Natalie Elphinstone 9 years ago

    I love the message you’re sharing here, as well as your page (which is totally cute by the way!!) I totally agree – I think our response to the situation we find ourselves in is the real test. Whatever that situation is we have to ask ‘do I fully trust in the Lord who says that all of His plans are to prosper us and not to harm us?’
    Thank you for this inspirational post.

  6. iImliving4him 9 years ago

    Debby, thank you for your thoughts on this post…and the beautiful Bible journaling page! It is wonderful and a great reminder as we live in a dark world. Jesus is always our source of Light! Have a blessed day!

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