We want our community to get to know our artists a little better so we are going to feature them one by one here on the blog! The lovely & vibrant Jaime Favor is with us today hopping on the interview train! 

Illustrated Faith: Tell us a little about yourself! 

Jaime: Hi I’m Jaime! Maker, wife, & mama behind Raising up Rubies ♥ No religion here– just a girl who is redeemed, bought & paid for by a Savior who gave His life for me. I have a creative soul with a love for bright colors & new ideas.  My love for handmade started when i was a little girl…  My mom would give me her old Good Housekeeping magazines i would cut & glue pictures on to construction paper. I thought for sure that would be my job someday: a professional picture cutter-outter-gluer-on-paper person. You’ll find me in my studio most days making new things & packing up lots of #happymail!



IF: How did you get started in your art?

Jaime:  I’ve always loved making stuff, & trying new things is so exciting to me, but it was really in my quiet time in the mornings when my girls were little that i started “writing my prayers” in a journal. When that one was full i started another one, & I started to draw & doodle in them too! So it was in those real personal moments with Jesus that things just flowed out from my pen & I guess you could kinda say i discovered my inner artist that way.


IF: How has your faith played a role in your creative journey?

Jaime: Everything I do as a wife, mom, handmade business owner etc… is guided by my faith. Do i always do the right thing? No. Am i always on track? Definitely NOT… but i constantly try to re-adjust my focus & keep that end goal of glorifying Christ in mind. And the reality is that it’s a struggle most days! But I know it will be worth it in the end. So basically it’s progress, not perfection, that I’m working on. ♥


IF: Show us a few of your very favorite things you’ve designed.




IF: Share something surprising about yourself that people might not know!

Jaime: I HATE cooking, but love to bake ♥ I LOVE taking pictures … it’s like one of my favorite things ♥ I spent 12 years of my childhood in Montreal Canada, because of my dad’s job, so i used to speak French perfectly, but i lost it. I never used it when we came back home & it’s gone: sad. And a lot of people don’t know that my studio used to be a formal living room! We flipped it on it’s lid & used it for something completely outside of it’s box … well also because we’re not really formal living room kinda people ha! Better Homes & Gardens magazine came & did a story on it a few years back! Crazy. #dreamjob



IF: What are your most favorite scripture passages?

Jaime: Psalm 139 is definitely my life chapter. One of my very favorite verses though is Isaiah 49:16:

” I have engraved you on the palms of my hands”

Wow! How awesome is that to know how crazy God’s amazing love for us is!?


IF: What is one product to illustrate your faith that you can’t live without?

Jaime: The tools I use most to illustrate my faith are my watercolors & Aquash pens. i feel like you just can’t go wrong with them … & there’s room to learn! That, a little side of washi tape, & a skinny black sharpie & I’m golden!


What AMAZING responses! I just feel like Jaime exudes faith in everything she does. If you haven’t already, you’ve GOT to go take a peek at her shop Raising up Rubies! So full of magic!

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