kaleidoscope tutorial | mixed media hybrid art journaling Bible | Print Pray Shop Salted Brew

Hey, y’all! I’m Leah from Salted Brew and I’m excited to share some of the thoughts behind my Kaleidoscope set that you can pick up at the Print and Pray Shop here at Illustrated Faith!

kaleidoscope tutorial | mixed media hybrid art journaling Bible | Print Pray Shop Salted Brew

The theme for the Better Together Collab Team in designing for you this month was “Shine Your Light.” As I was journaling this page, I thought about how it’s easier to shine when we feel good or life is easy. When there’s an extra spring in our step and we feel we can conquer the day, it’s easy to proclaim God’s love and shine for Him, right? But what about when things are harder?

If you follow me on my blog or Instagram, you know I’m losing my job and have been job hunting. It’s never a fun process but due to odd circumstances, I’ve felt more roadblocks and hindrances than anything. For the first few weeks, I felt this peace in the storm that no matter what curveball was thrown, God would lead me where I’m supposed to go. But in the last week or so, I’ve felt pelted by those curveballs and started to panic. I took my eyes off God and became a scared mess.

kaleidoscope tutorial | mixed media hybrid art journaling Bible | Print Pray Shop Salted Brew

I am not just to shine for God when things are easy. I’m supposed to be shining for Him now in the middle of my trying job search and set an example. I feel the responsibility and eyes watching me so now’s the time to put my faith where my mouth is. I’m just a broken, scared gal with my dreams, goals, and hopes all making up the pieces of my kaleidoscope. It’s more important to have Jesus shine through me now so others can see the beauty He can bring to our lives, even when things are hard.

Jesus brings hope, peace, warmth, comfort, and light. While I continue through my current trial, I hope others see that and want to experience it for themselves and their own kaleidoscopes.

kaleidoscope tutorial | mixed media hybrid art journaling Bible | Print Pray Shop Salted Brew

To make your own spinning kaleidoscope in your Bible, punch a paper fastener through your pieces and journaling page. Put fun cardstock on the back side of the Bible page to reinforce it and cover it with something fun later.

kaleidoscope tutorial | mixed media hybrid art journaling Bible | Print Pray Shop Salted Brew



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  1. Alyssa 8 years ago

    I have not figured out how to print on transparency, or where to buy the stinking paper! Lol! How did you do it??

    • Leah Schumacher 8 years ago

      Hey, girly! I went to Fed Ex Office Print or whatever it’s called. They have it where you can order your prints online and drop in files from Dropbox so it was super easy. Then you can use a promo code to save some :) they were really nice and called me when my prints were ready!
      I think someone even posted in here about printing on transparencies at home? Maybe? But anywho, I order mine! Hope that helps :)

      • Alyssa 8 years ago

        I dont know how I never saw your follow-up! Lol! Thanks so much for the info! I’m definitely gonna give it a whirl. :)

      • Brittany 7 years ago

        My problem with fed ex is that they would t print the transparencies in color.?

  2. Lesa May Brassette 8 years ago

    Lovely! You know, I misread “scared mess” at the end of the second paragraph as “SACRED MESS”. Hmmm, there could be something to that?!?

    • Leah Schumacher 8 years ago

      Ooo I like that. I’m pocketing that for later. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Karen Miller 8 years ago

    Oh Leah, I’m so sorry to learn of your most recent challenge…..I do know that you have all the intellectual attributes that any employer is looking for, not to mention all of your other obvious qualifications, so have confidence that you will not be unemployed much longer. Once you’ve connected with the right prospect, your potential will be obvious and you will be hired……you just have to continue getting your resume out there so you’ll be known to any potential employers. I have total confidence in you and know that you will soon be informing us of your new job!

    • Leah Schumacher 8 years ago

      Hi, Aunt Karen! :) It’s fun to see you here on the Illustrated Faith site!!
      Weeeellllll, good news: I just accepted a job offer! It’s been a long search, on and off, and overall feeling unsettled since graduation. Hoping this is where I get to really bloom where I’m planted. On to the next phase! :)

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