Hiya friends!! It’s another beautiful week here in the PNW and I am excited to share with you my process for week 3 of our latest bible journaling kit, Persevere.

 “Really God? How am I supposed to go on? ” On the 21st of October, when my world seemed like it was crashing down, I finally let go. I went to the cross. I asked Christ to mold me.. to help my unbelief… to renew my mind and heal my spirit. Wait on me was all I could hear. take up your cross, and follow me.”

This is just a little snippet from what spoke to me in the devotional card from week 3 of Persevere. I love how Robin was so willing to share her heart. Her journey, her HOT MESS and how He turned it into a message of hope and grace! How many of us have sat there in our mess with our hands held up and asked: “Really God?” I know in the everyday story of our lives there are small moments and large moments that bring us to our knees with that question, and HE IS ALWAYS THERE for us! Amen!

I wanted to share my bible journaling process through some of the questions asked this week:



Supplies: Persevere Bible Journaling Kit, Journaling Bible, Bible Journaling Tool Kit 

As you can see and hear from this video, I still have a lot of “processing” (ha) to do on this topic and through this kit. Which is one of the reasons I created this mini album, it has already proven to be such a great tool not only in bible journaling but through seeking Him in times of doubt or confusion! I love that bible journaling allows me to have this journey documented, even in the middle where it may be a bit of a hot mess! You can see HIS finger prints all over each step along the way and I am thankful for that!


Thank you for joining me and I hope you have a  WONDERFUL week!

xox Shanna Noel





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