I’ve been thinking about God a lot lately… in light of the events taking place in our country and around the world and because of the series of messages our pastor is doing on the book of Revelation and because of my daily Bible reading in Joshua and because there are so many needs of people I’m praying for… I’ve had a lot on my mind and on my heart lately.

Just who is this God we put our faith in? Can He really handle it ALL? As I was preparing to do a page in my Journaling Bible I came across a marker I had put in this passage in Isaiah 40. I read the verses over and over and wanted to shout it out to myself – that no one and no thing – NOTHING can compare to our God!

I decided to do one of my favorite techniques for journaling and that is to add a flap onto the page of the Bible so that there can be text on top of the flap and then more truth underneath… doubling the space for the verses! I started by painting a light layer of paint – meant to look like the sky – onto the page with an old gift card.

photo 1

Then I cut a piece of vellum (I love the clouds and the stars for these verses) to use for the flap and added letter stickers to it. (I used a paper clip to hold the vellum in place over some lined paper to keep the letters straight.) A strip of washi tape holds it to the edge of the Bible page.

photo 2

Some of the words of the text were hard to read through the paint, so I underlined the key sentences and then rewrote the text on top. A little doodling and stamps and a die cut and a sticker finish off the page. It’s pretty simple but sometimes that’s best for sticking it in my mind!

photo 4

All my thoughts and my prayers are based on how big my God is – He is the Creator and Sustainer and Sovereign Lord – He is incomparable!

photo 3


Illustrated Faith journaling pen by Bella Blvd, Illustrated Faith stamps (stars, arrow, and Praise Him.) Dear Lizzy Documentary Vellum, Crate Paper letter stickers, We R MemoryKeepers sticker and die cut, acrylic paint

  1. Melissa Gross 6 years ago

    This is beautiful & a wonderful reminder of just how big our God really is!

  2. Deb J 6 years ago

    God is awesome.

  3. Olivia 6 years ago

    I too have been feeling heavy-hearted with family events and reading about the Syrian refugees, and other world issues. Been challenging myself to remember He is big enough; He is present, He is in control, He is love. Thanks for posting this beautiful reminder!

  4. Melissa Garza-Allen 6 years ago

    Such a great treatment! Thanks for sharing!

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