Stephanie Smokovich founded Bella Blvd in 2008. What started in the upstairs level in her parents’ home, rapidly grew into a thriving wholesale based scrapbooking company selling to retailers around the world. Throughout the years, Bella Blvd has become known for its bright and graphic designs.


With the tagline, Something Beautiful for Everyday™, Bella Blvd promises to deliver colorful products that are versatile for multiple occasions. More recently the art of crafting has been taken to so many levels, including mixed media and home décor; within the pages and margins of Bibles is absolutely no exception!

At the Bella Blvd studio the staff continued to discuss how inspired they were by the beautiful works of art sending messages of hope and forgiveness across social media.  It was shortly thereafter, Bella Blvd’s path crossed with Shanna Noel’s…and together we worked quickly in hopes to meet the needs of the community! (ready…sneak peak coming!!!)


An Illustrated Faith & Bella Blvd Creative Team is currently in place preparing inspiration around the initial debut of products. Stephanie recently asked the Illustrated Faith designers what they wanted to know about her and her company….


What is the heart and mission behind your business?

At the core of Bella Blvd is our passion for creativity, ethics and dedication. These principles nest in Bella Blvd’s staff that share the same passions.

How do you incorporate your faith into your business?

One could argue that Bella Blvd started in a church!  Years ago, I met a Creative Memories consultant, Robin, at a scrapbooking crop she was hosting at her local church. I too, shared the same love of scrapbooking and thought, “oh cool this is at a church and she’s Lutheran too!”  More than seven years later Robin was the first person I called when I was ready to start my company.  As Bella continues to grow, I am confident the key to its success is in the integrity and dedication we collectively have for our products and our purpose: to inspire people to preserve what is most treasured to them.

What does Bella Blvd mean to you?

Throughout the years this company and brand have brought me so much more happiness than I could’ve imagined. For me, happiness originates from my faith, my family and my creativity. I am most happy when I am truly inspired.  Each night I feel incredibly blessed that I am able to use my gift of creativity and leadership to do what I love for a living, while supporting my family.

A final note from Stephanie on behalf of Bella Blvd

Partnering with Shanna Noel has definitely been a labor of love. We know there is a community to reach, and furthermore, to inspire. It’s amazing how together we can change the way people look at their Bibles. Together we hope to inspire you in whatever it is that you believe. While this might not be for everyone, we hope that if even just one person’s life is changed in a positive way, then all the hard work and love put into this collaboration will be more than worth it.


Stay tuned on Monday morning when the official Brand Announcement will be shared. You will learn exactly what we have been up to! ….and, just maybe you will have a chance to win the entire Illustrated Faith launch products before anyone else can get their hands on them! It’s going to be amazing!!

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Coming Soon: The Launch of Bella Blvd’s new and improved website! In the meantime visit: http://www.bellablvd.net

  1. Tricia Romo 6 years ago

    So exciting!! I can’t wait!

  2. Rhonda Merry 6 years ago

    This is awesome, I love both of these entities and to have you collaborate…very exciting.

  3. Taniesa 6 years ago

    So excited <3 What a AWESOME partnership!!!

  4. Ana 6 years ago

    I can’t wait to see how God works in this new journey! Blessings to both Illustrated Faith & Bella Blvd!

  5. Ruth Tacoma 6 years ago

    I haven’t been THIS excited about new product in a LONG time!!! Thanks Shanna & Stephanie!!

  6. Jann 6 years ago

    Loved learning more about you Stephanie and Bella Blvd! Have always adored your products and am super excited to see the ways God will use your partnership with Illustrated Faith!

  7. Angeline Choo 6 years ago

    This is just something so exciting!! Can’t wait ;)

  8. Patricia 6 years ago

    So excited about this!! Congrats!!

  9. Pam Booher 6 years ago

    I LOVE this!!! I cannot wait!! What a blessing this is… I can’t wait to share with our church gals!!

  10. Lady Scrapsalot 6 years ago

    I cannot even begin to tell you how THRILLED I am to see this partnership! I am SO inspired by both sites and as faith illustrated is my new “thing” and Bella Blvd. is one of my top 3 product lines I am SUPER. PUMPED. UP!!!

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