bible journaling entry by April Crosier | Gratitude Documented Day 3 | Creativity [Exodus 31:1-6]

It’s no surprise to see the peaceful, smiling face of Bob Ross as an iconic, if not retro, unofficial mascot in a creative community such as ours.  However it may be a little surprising to see his caricature in a bible margin, amiright?!  Let me explain….

As I pondered over the beginning verses of Exodus 31 for today’s gratitude prompt, I was drawn specifically to God’s words in verse three….

….I have filled him with the Spirit of God in wisdom and skill, in understanding and intelligence, in knowledge, and in all kinds of craftsmanship….

God was very specific in detailing that skills He had gifted to Bezalel as the skilled craftsman — not only the skill of craftsmanship, but that combined also with wisdom, understanding, intelligence & knowledge.

I can’t think of any greater artist gifted with the skills of grace & wisdom in creativity than our good ol’ friend Bob.  His happy little heart & highly quotable words of wisdom bring so much truth to our own creative walk we each aspire to through our art worship in our bibles & art journals!

All of those happy little accidents? Grace.

Talent being defined as a pursued interest? Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord. [Colossians 3:23]

bible journaling entry by April Crosier | Gratitude Documented Day 3 | Creativity [Exodus 31:1-6]

I’m so thankful for a God who creatively designed us to create FOR Him.  We don’t have to be a well-known painter of happy little birds & trees to be creating for the Kingdom…. God made clear in Exodus 31:6 that He had gifted more than just Bezalel with crafty goodness.

….to all who are wise-hearted I have given the skill and ability to make everything that I have commanded you….

So let’s take our skills, our talents & our own happy little hearts to praise His name as big as we can, y’all!


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