Mixed Media Bible Journaling Tutorial by April aka marine parents | Advent Collection Layering paper pieces | Luke 2:1

Hello Advent friends! I can’t believe we are almost at the close of this blessed season — I pray it has been full of hope & joy for you and that you’ve experienced Jesus in an incredibly new + refreshing way!

Today I’m creating in the margins of Luke 2:11 which tells us this….

Today in the city of David a Savior was born for you, who is the Messiah, the Lord.

Just a small sentence, but bursting & overflowing with goodness of what is yet to come as the greatest Gift ever!  I set to work praying over these words as I cracked open some paints & selected a handful of Advent supplies.

I quick swiped four “blocks” of color on my page — simply using as much paint as what my brush pulled from the paint pot and added a little bubble wrap love as well.

Since I know inquiring minds will ask, here’s my color palette I chose to compliment the Advent collection of supplies!

After I had this pretty base layer laid down, I began working on a second layer of items from the Advent Collection to use as a focal art piece on my page.  I knew I would be journaling a lot in this margin, so I decided to create this layered piece as a tip-in to give me more space to journal behind it.

After building up my tip-in piece from paper cut outs [& rip outs], chipboard shapes & ephemera die-cuts, I used what I had on hand [clear sticker paper “leftovers” peeled up from one of my basics booklets] to adhere my tip-in to my bible page! From trash to treasures, my friends ;)

As if one layered pretty wasn’t enough for my margin, I continued crafting & pulled together one of my most favorite layered tab collections EVER! All that pink + aqua is giving me a hundred heart eyes!!  PS — all that extra time spent dilly-dallying with papers to make a tab section that could have just sufficed with a single tabbie? Spent it in prayer.  Boom!

Finally, and for sure most importantly, I journaled.  I prayed out a conversation of thanksgiving for what it meant to me that God sent us the ultimate Gift of His Son — to live amongst us, to die for us.  It’s unreal how faithful & loving He is, friends.  What an extravagant gift that we are just so undeserving to receive.

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  1. sadriannehm 6 years ago

    I really love all the creative journaling in Illustrated Faith. I have tons of downloads yet to be downloaded after my purchases. But I was wondering two things:

    1- How do I create my own see-through stickers?

    2- How can I, too, be as ‘crafty’ WITHOUT covering up ANY of God’s Word? Do you use a separate Bible when you have to go back to any ‘journaled’ page for another reading?

    I am a chronic note-taker in my Bible, but very right brain, as well. I would love to use my talents, such as they are, in adding some crafty ways to remember a moment or a verse/reading that really touched me. Your help would be a great blessing.

    Belated Merry Christmas and I hope for you all is a blessed New Year.

    Adrianne McCann

    • Heather Greenwood 6 years ago

      1) for the transparent stickers, we print them on clear sticker paper… many use Avery Full Page Clear Label Paper

      2) My journaling Bibles are only used for art worship and not used as a study Bible… many of us use a separate Bible for study and reading.

      for note-taking, I use a separate journal… so on Sundays I’ll take notes in my journal and then come home to creatively journal and worship in my journaling Bible. I also find that reviewing my notes in that way really helps it to sink in more.

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