Wow it’s hard to believe we are here! One thing we have learned over the past 6 months of our initial design team is how IMPORTANT they are to the heartbeat of Illustrated Faith. We have a true passion for creating community and community isn’t created by one person alone. It is through this amazing team that we are able to educate and inspire those that are looking to illustrate their faith! Heather Greenwood (our creative team leader) and I have been praying over adding to our team and we are looking forward to seeing God has in store for the next 6 months!

I wanted to start out by sharing what exactly a creative team is, since many of you are new to the industry or aren’t familiar with this term- A creative team is essentially a brand ambassador. We want people who are passionate about what Illustrated Faith is doing and want to share that not only on our site, but throughout your influence as well. We will send you free product and in exchange you provide articles in which you share not only techniques but ways that God is working through you and this movement.

We are looking for believers who are passionate about using their creativity to glorify God. We believe in not only sharing a pretty picture, but sharing the heart behind it. We want a team that can be a light for our community, inspiring them and really stepping up as a leader.

So how do you know if you should apply? Do you love sharing your testimony? Do you love illustrating your faith (in your bible, journal, card, scrapbook etc)? Do you have a passion for taking beautiful photos that tell a story? Do you love getting free product? Are you easy-going, and able to communicate via email? If YES then I ask you to prayerfully considering applying for the team!

What we are looking for 

We have realized that illustrating your faith goes beyond the bible and while that will remain a focus for us we want to expand the team to meet the other needs in our community and in order to do that we will have several ways to get involved.

Bible Journalers – Scrapbookers – Card Makers – Art Journalers – Planners

If you are passionate about sharing your faith through these aspects we would love to hear from you! This team will share articles on our blog that will be both faith based and technique based. We will be adding between 10-15 people to help us both on our blog and the Bella Blvd blog to help spread the word! Team members will be asked to commit to 2 articles a month.

Video Team

We are looking for two members of our team to contribute 2-3 videos a month to the Illustrated Faith YouTube channel. The video team will be compensated a set fee per video (as well as free products) , details provided to those chosen. If you are interested in being considered please link to your YouTube channel in your application.

Photography Media Postion 

I am looking for one person that I can count on for beautifully styled photos each month. This person would have experience in this, as well as feel comfortable in photoshop. This position will be compensated a set fee per month (as well as free products) , details provided to those chosen.


Application open from Oct 1st. – Oct.8th 2015

International applicants welcome!

We are asking for a 6 month commitment with this team.

We will be reaching out to those we think will be a good fit between Oct. 11th-12th and will make an announcement on our blog Oct.15th.

How to apply:

Please send an email to with the following info:

In the subject line please provide the positions you would be interested in applying for, if more then one simply list (example card team & video team)

Please provide the following information : Name, address, email, church (please feel free to include your favorite devotional, ministry, small group or mission projects you are excited to be a part of – it is one of our goals to support our team in these areas in the future)

Links to all the social media places that you are currently sharing on [example – instagram, blogs, galleries, facebook, twitter, youTube] please don’t feel like you need all of these to be considered, just link us up to what you are using!

Please attach two projects [saved for web images] that best represent your style [in the areas you would like to be considered]

A brief summary [2-3 sentences] of what drives you to illustrate your faith.

We just can’t wait to hear your heart and see your beautiful photos! Thank you so much for applying and even though it will be tough to pick from such a talented community we look forward to cultivating a God lead team!

xox Shanna & Heather



  1. Angela Parker 6 years ago

    Wow, what an opportunity for the right people!! I’m praying that the ‘right’ God’s girls will come forward to become part of such an amazing, incredible, talented team!! God Bless you all in the decision making process xx

  2. April 6 years ago

    I’m excited about this possible opportunity to partner with Illustrated Faith!

  3. Briana Garner 6 years ago

    God is so good! Remaining hopeful! What God has for me is for me. And if it’s not His will, I pray for the understanding and the wisdom to find what is! Thanks Shanna &Heather

  4. MamaCake 6 years ago

    Wahoo! How exciting?! I am praying about this!

  5. Tonya 6 years ago

    I’m so excited at an opportunity to join Illustrated Faith. This is exactly what I’ve been praying for. I’ll be creating an email full of great Bible journaling for you soon.

  6. April 6 years ago

    I was praying Illustrated Faith would eventually need some extra creative help, and now you do! Thank you for the opportunity.

  7. JoDitt 6 years ago

    i love how you are always fostering community! Life really is better together!

  8. Dolli Neikirk 6 years ago

    Definitely praying about this. God has been laying on my heart for some time now to share my Bible journaling with more people (and by “some time” I mean over the last year since I found the wonderful Bible journaling community.)

  9. Tawni 6 years ago

    Awesome opportunity! Emailing you now! xo

  10. Rebecca 6 years ago

    This is really amazing! I’m still kinda brand new to all this and just started my own daily chapter devotional so I can really dive on in and build my relationship with God. Hopefully by next year, I will be turning my daily devotional into daily art journaling.

  11. Elizabeth 6 years ago

    I have been dreaming of the day when Illustrated Faith would want some extra “inspire-ers” on the team. Thanks so much for the opportunity! Looking forward to great things. :)
    Praying for the process and all who apply. May God direct the team and prepare each of our hearts for what He has for us.

  12. Patti 6 years ago

    Prayers for guidance and discernment in filling these positions on your Creative Team. God has brought you this far and He will faithfully carry you thru this tedious process. Much Love!!

  13. Michelle Martelli 6 years ago

    What a wonderful opportunity to reach out to other Sisters in Christ Jesus and share the same vision all for His glory. What a priveldge to serve the God we love is a very creative way! Please contact me as this is something I would be very interested in getting involved in. this new ministry has inspired me in so many ways and has created a new different excitement of Hos Word in my heart and also my friends as they hear about this ministry. mAy God lead us as we embark on this new journey together.

    • Michelle Martelli 6 years ago

      S/b capital T in This.
      HOs s/b His
      MAy s/b May

  14. Melissa Gross 6 years ago

    May the Lord bless y’all as you grow the Illustrated Faith Creative Team! This ministry has truly blessed me!

  15. Savannah O'Gwynn 6 years ago

    What an amazing opportunity! Good luck to all!

  16. Patter Cross 6 years ago

    So exciting and such a great opportunity! Will you be sending e-mail confirmations to those that apply? I know sometimes e-mails get lost in cyberspace. :) Blessings as you choose the new team.

  17. Chery Besette 6 years ago

    Praying for the team you are building now and how God will continue to use this awesome movement to reach and develop many for His Kingdom! I’m very new to this community, but we’ve already started a group that meets twice a month for bible journaling get togethers :) Thank you for all you are doing! Looking forward to what He does thru your growing ministry!

  18. Kelly Berwager 6 years ago

    This is an awesome opportunity for you all as a team and for the people who get to go on the journey with you! I am throwing my hat in the ring, but will be praying that whoever you all choose, it will be a great fit for Illustrated Faith. Blessings and praise for you all!

    In His Grace,

  19. Monica Perez 6 years ago

    I m really new in bible journaling. Love art and I work in different art mediums. I will prayerful consider this opportunity. Illustrated faith is totally new in my town. There is no places to get faith approach Suplies. Thank you for what you do. All Glory to God.

  20. Kim 6 years ago

    So excited about this what you guys are doing! Bible art journaling is new to me..but I am all in!! as it is helping me so much to meditate on His word!

  21. Lynnette 6 years ago

    Today is the 9th and I just learned about this. God is sovereign even in this.

  22. sue k 6 years ago

    So bumming that I just saw this… I am a Bible journal / Art journal peep. Just in case you haven’t found the perfect person…
    Message me if I could still fill out an application. Always amazed at what God can do, or I wouldn’t “comment” (aka ask).

    Love and blessings to your team!!

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