Friends! I cannot believe that Illustrated Faith is turning FIVE!! I think we all can say unanimously that we are so darn thankful for how God has led Shanna and the team over the years. Personally, I am so thankful for Illustrated Faith and how it has changed my spiritual life, my walk with Christ and how I connect and relate to the Bible!

One huge part of my Illustrated Faith journey is the Print and Pray Shop! I don’t know about you girls, but I am busy! Too busy, most days. Lots of days I long for the time to sit with paints and watercolors and just create endlessly. But in reality, I get a snippet of naptime or a bit of quiet once every one else is in bed for the night. And at that point, while I long to create…I’m tired! Enter the Print and Pray shop! A place where amazingly talented designers and artists create PHENOMENAL pieces for us and all we have to do is cut and paste!! Umm….yes please!!

If you haven’t been around Illustrated Faith very long, or haven’t been to the Print and Pray shop recently, or don’t follow the blog, I’m here to kindly tell you…You’re missing out!!! Our Print and Pray artists are amazing and the Creative Team who writes and creates on the blog are so awesome! I love spending time scrolling through the blogs and youtube videos being inspired by these girlies and hearing their hearts. Sometimes I’ll look at all the amazing printables but not know how to utilize them. Cue the gals on the blog and Youtube channel and tada! Suddenly I’m inspired and feel like I am having crafty girlfriend time at my desk with these sweet friends!

So I went through the blog and pulled some of my favorite posts…and man, let me tell you, it was hard to narrow it down to just a handful. So on a rainy day when you’re bored at work or the kids are at school, scroll back through all the amazing blog posts! I love that you can search or sort and always find what you are looking for. You are sure to be inspired by the time you put down your phone or close your computer!

Travelers Notebook Process Video from Jillian

Friends, I LOVED this tutorial from Jillian. I tend to end up with tons of scraps of things in my Print and Pray stash–whether it’s the adorable papers or washis or just extra ephemera pieces from sets. This tutorial totally reminded me there is even a use for my scraps. You can make anything using this technique like florals, crosses, and of course, rainbows! Plus, I always love seeing fun Travelers Notebook inspiration entries!!

Creating a Mini Book: All the Feels from Cristin

Ok guys, this set from Shawna Clingerman truly does give me all the feels! (Mixed Feelings, Card Set, Patterned Paper) The colors, the images, the fun! It takes me right back to Saved by the Bell, Full House, Boy Meets World and my childhood! Give me some hi-tops and a mix tape, stat!! But in all seriousness, the way Cristin puts these together in a mini book just insta-inspires me. When these sets come out and I want to use #allthethings this is such an awesome way to do that without overwhelming your Bible page. You can use every little piece of the ephemera and paper (and then print it out again!) and create an adorable little mini book–to store prayers, praises, notes, you name it! And Cristin is the queen of charms and little bobbles! I’m obsessed!

Lead Me Bible Journaling Page by Becca (that’s me!)

I still am so honored that I was able to do some guest entries this year! I loved this set from Shanna that came out this spring. One of my favorite things to do with printables from the shop is to combine them with leftovers from kits I’ve finished. These acetate and paper piece florals were leftovers from the Wildflower kit this year and I love having them pop out from behind other pieces. (Can we all say yay to Shanna for restocking those paper florals!! I need them in everything!) Like I said earlier, oftentimes I don’t have time to bust out paints when I’m journaling but I love how simple layering of pieces from a Print and Pray set make for a fun and beautiful entry in no time at all!

Bible Permission Page from Lauren

Ok, so this is an older printable and blog post but it is a GOOD one. I love the thought and intentionality that go into all the products that the IF Creative Team put out. This one is no different. In a world of social media, it can get easy for our hearts to get turned around. Our Bibles are a special place where we get to come and meet with God, and create and pour out our hearts to Him. I love how Lauren uses this Permission Page and talks about dedicating our Bibles for their true purposes. I think this is an amazing project to do to break in a new Bible, or even if you just need to mentally reframe how you look at your Bible and your entries. It’s always good to slow down and remember WHY we create and WHO we create for!

15 Minute Challenge from Elaine: Part One and Part Two

I love this mini blog series that maps out an awesome challenge for each of us! A lot of times I hear people say, “I’d love to Bible Journal, but I just don’t have time.” I just want to reply, “Do you have 15 minutes?” We all live busy lives. Everybody’s got something going on. Your Bible Journaling entries don’t need to take an hour. (Though you know when I get that extra time, I absolutely take it!) With the amazing Print and Pray shop at our fingertips, we always have the ability to create gorgeous pages in a matter of minutes! Don’t get overwhelmed! I want to encourage each of you to check out these posts and then take the challenge for yourself! Use the hashtag #if_15minutechallenge so we can all see what we can create using Print and Pray goodies in just 15 minutes!

So these are just a FEW of my favorite blog posts over the years. I’m pretty certain I could round up another 10 and still keep going! It’s your turn! Go through some blog posts, share your faves and get inspired!


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